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I had posted to the covid thread in P&R on March 1st about getting over a sickness, and I wondered then if I had it. We have a kiddo going to daycare so we get a lot of illness, early in the year it seems like we'll get something nasty. But, the illness usually only lasts for a few days, maybe a week. Often it seems like we'll get sick every other week. The usual malaise and stomach issue.

However from January thru February this year we had some weird lingering malaise. I was anxious and felt like I was in a fog. There were no obvious symptoms, I thought maybe I had some serious seasonal affective disorder I had been regularly jogging but then dropped off. My wife had more symptoms, like aches. During that two months our symptoms peaked one week in mid February, out of the blue I got really dizzy one morning and had bad cramps. We both stayed home for a couple days. My wife had some loss of smell and taste she would later recall, though I never noticed. We haven't been sick since!

I started regularly biking again in April, and it took a month to get my lung functions back, I had shortness of breath and my chest was super tight and cardio would make it burn!

We have Asian apartment neighbors, we have a major University here catering to people all over the US and world. We sit on a major interstate that travels from Texas to the Canadian border. Yet my wife works in a retirement community and there wasn't anything noticable going on there
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