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Originally Posted by phughes View Post
If you do more, post pictures. Of course only do it if you want to. It's a great idea. Very creative.
No trouble at all! I did find left over paints in the house. One that is a shade of yellow and another that is red. I took some of the yellow paint in a jar and slowly added the red paint, alternately mixing and adding tiny bits of red paint until achieving the desired "rust orange" color.

This time I used 1 part paint and 2 parts kerosene to the rust paint mixture.

Application of the paint is different from the previous. Dab the paint brush (wet with paint) on the bike and just let the very thin paint run down. Select a good starting point like the welds on the frame. This is the best way to apply the rust color paint to make it look kinda like you left your bike outside the house for more than one year.

Previously, with the thinner white paint to make the bike look dirty, I let the paint dry a bit for two minutes on the bike before brushing them with gentle strokes to make it appear dusty, abraded, and faded and to remove the gloss.

The BEST part of this hack is that it is weatherproof and the highly diluted paints used can be easily removed with cloth dipped in kerosene and the frame's original gloss restored! I cannot guarantee this though, who knows in one month, the paint may no longer be removable and sticks permanently! One thing for sure though, the paint that is thinned a lot with kerosene will damage the vinyl stickers on your bike... You have been warned. Maybe you can remove the stickers first and try to store them using those special papers that doesn't stick to stickers (don't know what it's called, It's the same paper you peel from brand new stickers before applying them).

So here it is. My new rust bucket! The yellow BMX bike behind it is my 15 year old beater bike. The stem is about to fail so I've been using it a lot less. Which one looks older now??
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