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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
@mattm @Ygduf. I rode on Canada, Moutain Home and Portola yesterday. Since moving to SoCal, this is the first time I have ridden on those roads in 3 years. I was amazed how rough some parts of the roads were - especially the bike lane. It looks like a bad / not very smooth chip seal or equal repave. Maybe it was like that before and I do not remember.

When I moved to NorCal in 2006, I was inline skating on Canada. Today, it seems too rough.
they have replaced a bunch of gas pipelines in that time. Constant construction in PV especially. Whenever they dig they come in and put down blacktop and it'll be smooth for like a week, then cars driving on and the density difference between the new pavement and the old road causes ripples and separations everywhere.

Basically, yeah, you're right.
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