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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
TSS is calculated off NP. Which in this case is just 7 watts below his FTP. He also posted a max power of 1099, which greatly distorts NP. So, FTP may be fine.
Perhaps, just fishing.

It wouldn't have caught my eye at all if the ride was shorter. Like, under an hour. The longer a ride is, the more difficult it will be to maintain a high enough variability in high power to drive that kind of TSS accumulation through NP.

Do some sprints every 10min, do some 30:30's, do some 1:1......ok. That'll drive some solid NP and high TSS accumulation during that time. Do those efforts for nearly 3 hours though and often enough to drive 100TSS/hr?

It may be fine, it just caught my eye.

This is exactly why I experimented with my Excel sheet doing a "TSS/TSB/CTL" by zone. It worked OK as I'm no genius. The idea being that I accumulated 250 TSS of what exactly? Donkeys, fish, sprints, threshold, tempo? I could not get it to work yet well enough to demonstrate to me an accurate enough TSB by zone for nailing workouts (time off, frequency of intense stuff, adapt, etc....).

Idea being also that your overall TSB might go positive during intensity weeks, and without really good composure, you may be led to believe you can chew off some more work in a zone in a week than you really can. I'm horrible at that. Watching the overall CTL tank in an intensity week and get greedy and still do some long Z2/tempo ride or something to bump it up. I also feel I ramp the intensity in too quick. Like, running the TSB for a certain zone (by my idea) really negative the first day or two. Instead of "inching in".
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