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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
1. That ridden on gravel or on knobbies? If on the road, the avg power seems high given the speed/elevation for the ride.

2. One thing sticking out to me like a sore thumb here is that your TSS was 250 for about 2.5 hours. The definition of threshold and TSS calculation dictates that one hour of threshold (ftp, one hour max) is 100 TSS per hour. So, this says your ftp is set way way way too low. Test, reset, take a look at the new numbers.

So I went back and checked and my Garmin was supposed to auto adjust FTP as you ride and get fitter. When I looked this was disabled. It was stuck at 234. I was using a 520, but not to long ago updated to a 1030 and must have missed this.

So today I did a really good ride, like all out for an hour. Guess what, it gave a new FTP of 298 lol. I guess I was way to low. I know its one ride but I was apparently way off. Tomorrow I am going to do an actual FTP test and see where I am landing. I didn't do it today because I wanted to see if the auto calculations would be effected. It worked.....

who knew...thanks for noticing that.
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