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Originally Posted by Yep View Post
I have a group of riding friends back in Montana who put on a "Working Man's Training Camp" every May where they ride 50 miles a day on the same route at 5:30am each day for a week, in lieu of jetting off to some warm, exotic location in February. The idea is that you can get relatively big miles in every day before work and since it's the same route every day people can join where they can if they don't make the start. I'm thinking about doing my own solo for type 2 fun next week. We can do 2up rides here in Scotland now, but I don't know if I'll get any takers with the early start (I love early rides!).
I actually went through with it this week! I ended up doing a long Sunday ride with a friend for his birthday with some groad thrown in, then went right on to 50 at 5:30am on Monday. All the rides were solo and I did 60 and 68 on two of the days. I think I'll push on through Sunday and do 60 tomorrow and try and stretch and do 100 on Sunday. I don't think much in terms of miles usually, but it's mostly LSD and it's kind of fun racking up the miles.

I've gotten the tiniest bit of insight into what the pros deal with in training and in stage races in that depending on how hard you go day to day, you can "recover" during the week.
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