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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Can you tell us what the means? Was this strictly concerning ride comfort or was it a difference in perceived or actual performance?

I guess my crusty old butt doesn't care much whether a ride is harsh or not. I like it when a tire lets my legs feel like they haven't done a bit of work and have more energy left in them at mile 50 and beyond.
For the sake of this comment I was referring primarily to ride comfort. The Michelin Pro race 4 Service Course tire that came on my bike when I bought it is/was a full on racing tire and placed speed and performance over comfort. The Continental Ultra Sport III tires I just bought and put on my bike today are a general purpose tire placing a higher priority on comfort plus they are wider, 700 x 25 versus 700 x 23 and therefore by default more comfortable. As far as performance I can't speak to that at the moment since the short ride I took today was just to the end of the road to see of all was working. I haven't had the chance to push the tires but I intend to do that tomorrow on my ride. Definitely more comfortable and we will see as to the performance of the tire.
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