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Originally Posted by Roadies_Rok View Post
Sadly, I see we have some "Freds" in this group. posers, pretenders, and wannabees who know little about bikes and the only thing they have going for them are big wallets so they can buy whatever they want regardless of whether it is what they need. These "Freds" are the ones who put a $50 in their jersey pocket on a group ride in case they flat so they can pay someone who actually knows what they are doing to fix their bike for them. Sad but true.

Now to the facts. I went out for 20 miles today and hammered my bike. The new "junky" tires I put on have a very smooth, comfortable, and complaint ride which hugs the road and grips well and believe me I CARVED several corners on my morning ride and my bike stayed solid under me. My average speed for this one ride is up by 2 mph and I realize part of that is due to the fact that I was hammering but I am looking to see a continuing upward trend in my average speed and that is the most important number to be tracking.

Basically these tires do all I need them to. I am on a budget but that doesn't mean that I don't know what nice things are because I most definitely do. I can't see paying $80 per tire for Continental 6000's when I don't ride at that level and there was a time when I did ride at that level and only "Freds" rode clinchers. The real deal rode tubulars. Plus if I cut an $80 tire I am out $80 but if I cut a $20 tire I don't feel as bad. Bottom line as one Man who posted here put it "if it works for you, then ride it. You are the ultimate end user and not us." To that I say thank you for your wisdom.
Way to be a nob and call everyone offering an opinion a Fred. Perhaps you should look in the mirror there bud.
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