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Originally Posted by znomit View Post
I love reading posts from the real deal. Please post more about carving on your titanium road bike that you hammer so hard you wore the tyre sidewalls out in two months. It's inspiring.
znomit Trust me when I tell you that I did not wear the sidewalls out on those tires in 2 months. Maybe a few years back that was a really possibility but not today. The Michelin Pro Race Service Course tire is an old tire as in not made any more and not having been made in years. I have a feeling the Man I bought my bike from found them or maybe had them lying around and put them on the bike so he could sell it. Plus the tires may not have been properly cared for when stored either on or off the bike which accelerated the aging. Back in the day when tubulars were the way to go if you raced people used to brush liquid latex onto the sidewalls to extend the life of the tubulars.

If you truly want to hear some stories let's get onto a Zoom chat and I'll dish the news to you. Have you met Eddie Merckx, or Bjarne Riss, or Sr. GS Mengoni, or Gibby Hatton, or George Hinicapie, or Fast Freddy Rodriguez? I have meet all of them and more. Let's get onto a Zoom chat and I'll give you a schooling. Have a great day.
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