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Originally Posted by ririder View Post
The nobs are the ones belittling the OP for buying tires that meet his needs. They weren't offering opinions,"Wait until you try an actual nice tire" and "My thought as well" are backhanded opinions at best. Is this a helpful comment? "Yeah lol
The tires you bought are actually more like the junky ones bike makers put on stock bikes
This thread is like that old lady that gave the olive garden a glowing review as if it were actually fine dining
Sad" It's ******bag comment at best.

It's actually exactly correct, if you have never tried a good tire is your opinion on how good a low end tire valid?

Just because you like the olive garden that doesn't mean it's a Michelin star restaurant, it just means you have not experienced much yet

Are we supposed to tell the op his cheap tires are just as good as nice tires?
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