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"Untrained losers"?

Originally Posted by Joe Bikerider View Post
untrained losers.
Really, Joe? Did you know that virtually every one of the Founders was an "untrained loser," including George Washington? Untrained losers with jobs are called WORKERS. And they used to be respected as the engines that drive the economy back before we began praying at the altar of Wall Street and Private Equity.

Originally Posted by Joe Bikerider View Post
They are easy to spot.
You mean, like, you just look for their BIG BROWN TRUCKS? There's some good fieldcraft, there, to find them.

I am willing to cut you some slack because I grew up in Walnut Creek. And I also find their corporate attitude about misuse of public infrastructure infuriating. But I wonder if you're not angry because they have some other characteristic that you think you are superior to. It's not a pretty look for you, my Walnut Creek homie.
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