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I wouldn't say the depth is an issue - I would prefer to ride my Jet 6/9 daily versus the Bastogne (same rim profile as Ardennes). And my primary race wheels are Stinger 7/9, so 75/90mm, and I use them even in gusty conditions.

(Caveat - over 45 mph any front wheel gets a bit sketchy for me, and about 50 mph is the limit on the Jet 6, and I'm basically hanging on for dear life at that point.)

However, the Jets are so heavy compared to the Bastognes (same tires, tubes, cassette, and bought same year so same hubs/spokes) that when I go on a typical truck hunting ride (looking to catch a 40+ mph draft off a truck), I'll fit the Bastognes, or, if I'm lazy (like I can't quickly find the Bastogne rear), I'll leave the Jet 9 on in the back.

The jets were relegated to trainer duty the year I got them, 2010. I use the Jet 9 all the time, with a Bastogne front, on the trainer. The Jet 6 was basically unused for many years after maybe 5 rides/races, until I flatted a Bastogne front.

I bought the Jets when I went all wide, so in one swoop I bought the Bastognes, Jet 6/9, and Stinger 6/6. I thought I'd use the Jets in training crits and training rides, but other than slowly getting to higher speeds (not my style, but happens on descents mainly) I don't like them. I'd rather use the non-aero Bastognes.

I bought a Stinger 7/9 set up (my go to race wheels) as well as a Stinger 4 front for super windy conditions. The 7/9 Stingers are awesome, stiff out of saddle, fast in those cross tailwinds that I love. The 4 feels like it's going to fold over when I'm out of the saddle- the first few times I used it I thought I had a flat tire, it was so mushy. So I wouldn't recommend that for an aggressive out of saddle kind of effort.

A training ride with the bike set up to go fast, mostly on descents but also truck hunting. Happened to be the Camp Pendleton ride but the set up was ideal for truck hunting - stable rear end from the tall rear, lighter and less wind affected front end.
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