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Recommendation Needed: Step Through or Mixte

The only time my wife ever gets mad and yells at me is if she has to ride up a hill. Sadly, we live three blocks up a (rideable, but still pain in the ass) hill. She currently rides a Public C7, and weight-wise, it's an absolute beast.

Looking for something with some style for her. I'm open to new (or fairly new) but am also down to build up a vintage project bike for her.
  • She's 5'10" (which I know limits all but the upper end of vintage mixtes)
  • She dislikes swinging her leg over a standard triangle - hence the step through / mixte
I've been looking at stuff like the Kona Coco or Marin Kentfield if I go new, but I'd love to hear other suggestions.
  • Something aluminum
  • Upright stance
  • Leaning towards 1x (she gets flustered easily when shifting, so if I can eliminate shifting on the chainring, that might be helpful)
  • Not interested in electric / pedal assist
What other brands should I be looking at? What saved searches should I be setting up on Craigslist / eBay?
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