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I haven't been able to ride for 12 days. Rain, snow, ice, more snow, it's like Winter out there. I ordered cyclo-cross tires for one of my bikes (the Aluminum Allez) but had to settle for 35C because no one had 32C in the cyclo-cross tread pattern I wanted. My bike friend has been riding his cyclo-cross Crux (Specialized) for the past two months and it's very stable in these nasty weather conditions.

But they won't be here until next Thursday so I went out today on the skinny 23Cs and rode the streets next to the bike path, which is still covered in snow and lots of ice. High today will be 35, it was 28 when I went out. Only 6.1 miles (9.8k) but at least I got a ride in. 12 days off takes its toll, My legs were tired before I got on the bike

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