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Early Experiments in Winter Riding

I've decided to give this a try in 2017. I've got this old Peugeot Orient Express single speed that was just lounging around the shop doing nothing, in that annoying way the French have... "insouciance" I think they call it. So I've put it to work!

The Kenda Kiniption tires work surprisingly well at 40 psi, though I've got a studded front on the way and a knobby to put on the back. I'll be installing full fenders too. I suspect nothing works very well in the deeper snow offroad, but it was kind of fun trying. Man, did I work up a sweat! Steamed up my googles, too.

I only rode about six miles today, but it felt like twenty, at least. This is going to be interesting, once I figure out what works and what doesn't. Definitely better than spinning away on the trainer, going nowhere.


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