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Originally Posted by lean88 View Post
i work on motocycle when is available. and do some high cadence work.

and yes i join them when they train.
i ask and read and try diferent thinks.
i do some progress but at the moment i think im stuck ( or maybe the progress is more slow now)

To go from 14.0 to 13.0 is easy.
To go from 13.0 to 12.0 is hard.
To go from 12.0 to 11.0 is very hard.
To go from 11.0 to 10.0 is extremely hard.

Also, look at the Stopwatch app on your phone and see how quickly 1 second passes by. Any small thing you can do to your system (body, nutrition, bike fit, equipment, bike handling, etc...) may help OR hurt you. You have to pay close attention to everything.
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