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Originally Posted by SyntaxMonstr View Post
When you say fit, what does it entail apart from gym and on the bike work? or more specifically, what kind of fitness are we talking about?
In the circles I'm in, FIT ENOUGH means a pretty even split F200. So splits become fairly important. It actually takes a fair amount of fitness to go through the wind up and pull a fast F200. Looking at your splits will give you more of an idea of how you're going wrong in your F200. It could be hitting top speed too early which commonly shows up in the pre-F200 50m split (that's why you take that one too). Perhaps you have good splits, which means your fitness is ok, you just have to get faster. Perhaps your top speed is good but you die in especially the 4th/5th splits which means you need fitness.

Last year when I hit my PB 11.8 I only topped out at 61.8kph, so I need more speed, but fitness was good and splits were good. I get my fitness by doing interval style work on the trainer in between hard days.
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