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I try to only buy stuff like GPS units that will work with all of my outdoor activities like backpacking. Thus, I do not want a cycling specific GPS. I bought a Garmin 62S and later learned that the newer Garmin 64 could be used to charge AA NiMH batteries (there is a trick to it, you have to fool the GPS into thinking it has the Garmin branded battery pack installed). The reason that the battery charging feature is important to me is that I can charge batteries in it while I ride with my dynohub and USB charger. I bought the Garmin 64 and am quite happy with it. The plain 64 like I have will not work with things like heart rate monitor, etc, the more expensive models have that stuff. I am not sure but I think the cadence sensor will not work with the plain 64.

Teh Garmin 64 seems to have a much better battery life than my 62S. So for backpacking I will likely use the 64 instead of the 62S that I used in the past.

I misplaced the Garmin Nuvi that I used in my truck, I have even used my Garmin 64 for navigating in my truck for the past year.

Kayaking, canoeing, I plan to continue to use antique GPS units with black and white screens that stay on so I do not have to take a hand off the paddle to wake up the screen.
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