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One of those rides last afternoon that makes you question your progress. The extenuating circumstances were I decided to take the TT bike with the new position out for a long ride......and the route was ****.

Bump bump bump BANG bump, miss that huge wheel swallowing gash in the pavement.......and chip seal......geeesh. I get less beat up on long gravel rides.

But, right at 60mi in about 2:55 or so. I stayed in it for a good while, but the last 1/2 to 1/3 of the ride I stayed sat up a lot. My hands/wrists hurt from that, bull bars aren't ideal for that either. The traffic wasn't ideal either for a **** road condition and the TT bike.

Got in my Z2 time though. Whatever. Just was NOT a pleasant ride. You'd need a road bike and 30mm tires to make that ride enjoyable. And I only weight like 155. Such a pure shame as it's pretty riding and not super busy. Folks seemed pretty friendly too.
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