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I made a Structured Training for 2 Months, Is this Good? (Newbie)

I made a Structured Training for 2 Months, Is this Good? (Newbie) Because i really want to be really strong for Fixed Gear Crits. And i can't Practice for cornering since my country is in Lockdown and our president suspends all schools for 1 month. So i'l have a month of uninterrupted Bike training in my Turbo Trainer

Magnetic Trainer bike
Cinelli Fixed Gear Bike with a 48x14 Ratio

And currently, I'm half way to my last Month of training and it seems the Data is improving from the previou months. On my First week i only managed to complete 1:10hr of training. And again as i said, it improved. Now last week i can now complete a 3:00hr training. And i saw Cam Nicholls' vid. To have a best advantage of a training it must be structured like zone 1 to zone 7.

And now i saw the Vegan Cyclist on how to Train Smart. And he said that i shouldn't go always too hard. But if you look at my chart here, i always go too hard and end's up in the floor gasping for air. But i always improve every week. (Yellow means DNF because i can't do it anymore cause i went too hard and Green means Finished)

Training Peaks, March 9-15, 2020. And it also indicate which zone is which.

Btw, I use GCN Training Videos for my Training. (On the 11th Week, there is a Goal there but you cant really read it cause it Tagalog but it said that its my First time finishing a whole GCN Training Video without vicing up)

Now my Question is, I know that i'm improving every week while riding HARD every day, Should i continue this Training? Or will i improve more if i don't always PUSH my self to the limit everyday? or Should i change my training structure? I don't know honestly. I just want to become a aspiring Pro Fixed Gear Racer.

And i have no Heart Rate Monitor nor Power Meter and don't know my FTP.

Thanks in Advance!

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