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Originally Posted by itturriko View Post
I'm 1,74m tall

Now I have a aluminium BMC trackmachine 02 and FFWD 9T wheels.
We are very lucky and if someone wants to compete, we have some disc and 5 spoke wheels, so I don't need to buy them. The only bike part I need is a good frame.

I saw that Lasse Norman Hansen made 1'01" in the Kilo and 13,4 in the 250m flying lap with the T4 so I think it is stiff enough for me but I don't know why people only use it on endurance.
Cervelo sais that they improved the stiffness of the Bottom Bracket.

The Fuji is a really nice bike but they'd lost a lot of retailers in Spain and it's almost imposible to buy it. The only size 54 I found was 2100 and not available.

I found also a BMC TR01 frameset in 3300, maybe it worths.

I tried to buy an Argon 18 electron pro but here in Europe it costs 6600.

LOOK, Pinarello and Ridley are also too expensive
That seems to me like you are looking at new only? If so, divert some attention to the 2nd hand market across Europe. Cervelo is a good frame no doubt, but it just isn't up to the same stiffness standards as many of the other options aimed at sprinters. Just take a look at how long it took Cervelo to come to terms with the stiffness/strength requirements of the GB sprint squad with the T5. Felt and Dolan are very good options that are (or should be) relatively cheap as well as the other options mentioned above. You should definitely be able to find a 2nd hand look that fits in your price range
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