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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
itturriko, understand that you will probably choose a frame that isn't the best size for you as your first frame. This is a common mistake.

I suggest don't spend a lot of money on your first few frames until you find the perfect geometry for you. The problem with buying an expensive frame is that you feel obligated to use it. Now what if that expensive frame is too small?

You are a new racer. A fancy frame won't be the difference between winning and losing in your races for a very long time. If you will win on a top-tier frame you will win on a steel frame. If you lose on a steel frame, you will lose on a top-tier frame.

Also, it's very difficult to be the guy in the beginner classes with the $10,000 bike. You will attract a lot of unnecessary attention.

I've had many of the top frames and the performance differences were very small between all of them. Proper size and fit were the most important factors in me going faster.
This, especially if there isn't much of a second hand market for frames in Spain.

If you must buy a frame now, get the Dolan DF4. So stiff, relatively local, cheap. Ticks just about every box.
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