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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
You don't say what your previous ride quantity was like, before the 2 months of structure. How many average hours/week of what sort of riding for how long? Can't guess without knowing total quantity.
The quantity the structured training schedule is like 40-60 mins long (Per week) and it is all like HIT and when i consulted to another cycling group they said that it has no quality, i'm just over training. Now currently, this since since monday i have now 5 hours of training (Per week but still not finish, 2 days to go). So my forecast total hours of this week is 7-8 hours

Currently, 2 Zone 1 Active Recovery. 2 Zone 2 and 1 Intervals 4x6mins Efforts. All of those 5 Workouts are 1 hour. And today, Saturday is again my Active Recovery day then on sunday, il try a 2 hour ride.

And it's on a magnetic trainer btw
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