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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
Tx Neal, that post may not stay, it was all about the chrome. I will try to work on the clamp and see if I can reinvent it a bit.

May have a Campy 2 bolt sleeved with SS or Ti and polish or just polish one.

The aesthetic was also on purpose.

I know you know "Classic", which makes this all the more interesting to see. I'm with Neal, I find the post out of place, though I get the reasoning. Might look at a polished weyless? Or not. Enjoy.

I've had a blast building up my own "Ultimate Frankenbikes"*, on existing frames, (one in the works for the Quarantine Challenge) To be involved with the frame design, and for it to be executed by Strawberry, I'm sure made it way more exciting and satisfying. Cool project.

* May need a different term to describe it... No offense is meant - in any way whatsoever.

Best, Eric

WOW new pics!!! rear wishbone, I love it. I hear you on the NR post... That J&L looks pretty sharp.... (just sayin').

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