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Originally Posted by rifraf View Post
Many Km's later and a couple of tire replacements, I'm still riding my Velocity Dyad Ghetto tubeless setup and see no need as yet to update to tubeless rims/specific tires here in 2020
I usually hate to see zombie threads come back, but thanks for checking back in. I sometimes hate to read what I said years ago, but in this case I'd probably say exactly the same thing today.

I found myself annoyed again reading comments about how the only benefit was puncture resistance when it might not even be the biggest benefit in my mind. Puncture resistance is awesome, but so is the supple ride. I am still loving the tubeless on my mountain bike with the lack of flats and awesome ride, but have not yet toured on tubeless. I'd definitely consider tubeless if building up a new set of wheels for touring. I'd consider ghetto tubeless, but doubt the wisdom of it for the skinny tires I have been UL touring on. I sometimes think of going to wider tires and trying it, but I am riding a road bike with narrow rims and doubt the setup for ghetto tubeless.
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