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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
Hereís an interesting story on the development of a vaccine for Ebola sounds like it took about 20yrs not 6 months. One problem was Ebola tends to occur sporadically in 3rd world countries so itís difficult to finance the work required to make and test a vaccine.

Covid-19 is obviously more prevalent but financial considerations will still likely play a role in how quickly a vaccine is made available. If it costs in the neighborhood of $1B to bring a vaccine to market, large pharmaceuticals arenít going to participate unless their costs are going to be covered. We could end up with multiple candidates with varying degrees of efficacy. Determining which, if any, make it to market is unlikely to happen quickly.
If anybody is interested , video panel from the Office of Science and Society at McGill university with guest Dr. Paul Offit , one of the developers of the rota virus vaccine.
He talks about how that took over 20 years, but he says that this time there is such urgency to develop a Covid vaccine, that the time line will be compressed. He says that with Ebola vaccine, it was used before all of the trials had taken place, because it was the only way to do it. Some of the manufacturers of candidate vaccines are already making millions of doses, even though they don't know yet, if it will make it to trials, if that vaccine will ever be used. So he thinks it will be approved for limited use before all the trials are completed. The actual performance of the vaccine after preliminary approval will be the actual phase III trial. It will likely be given to vulnerable populations like health care workers .. The rotavirus vaccine had Phase III trials with 60 000 participants, whereas these covid vaccines might have trials of only a few thousand people, which makes it harder to detect rare side effects.
Interesting conversation with a vaccine expert total video is about 55 minutes, most of the interesting vaccine stuff is in the first half.
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