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I just got an Edge 530. It's more or less the same as the 830, except it doesn't have a touch screen and won't do any of the typing related functions like route-by-address. Basically because it doesn't have a pop-up touch keyboard to type with. There may be a few other touch specific functions or shortcuts lacking.

But the 530 has BUTTONS. Have you ever tried to operate a touch screen while cycling? I'll take buttons. If I'm going to stop I might as well use my phone.

I'm getting it because my Wahoo Elemnt will only do cycling dynamics with Panasonic 4iiii PMs, can't control my Varia radar and doesn't have bike profiles. I could live without one or two of those, but taken together I think it's time to go back to Garmin. The Elemnt screen is still superb though. And it uses buttons. Just a bit crippled functionally.
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