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Originally Posted by DropBarFan View Post
Perhaps turn-by-turn navigation on pre-programmed routes has been improved over previous models but I wouldn't count on it since previously Garmin had many years to work on that issue & did nothing. Some Explore reviewers complain about kludgy UI & PC software.

Garmin's website doesn't even list the Explore memory capacity but I read it's 15GB which isn't ideal esp when the Explore doesn't accept memory cards & putting in 10X the internal memory would only cost $10 extra. Explore internal battery basically good for one day & then one needs to recharge it with power bank/dyno hub/electrical hookup. AA batteries would be much more convenient.

I don't want to hate on bike GPS's but touring is an after-thought at best for the manufacturers. Garmin's instructions are traditionally terrible, optimizing the devices can require absurd amounts of research & practice.
I uses TBT navigation on an 1030 all the time,. I plan on RWGPS. It works very well and the only issue I've ever seen is when a route takes you on the same road twice in different directions, then the device takes a minute to figure out in which direction it's travelling before it can catch up. My friend on an Explore has zero issues as well. The Explore Touring was a model that people had many issues with, seemingly resolved with the Explore,, which is a different unit.

My Edge 1030 has 16 gig internal memory. I have the OSM maps as provided by Garmin for the entire US, as well as a set of Garmin Topo maps for the NE US in the device. Currently that's a bit over 8 gig as the device states internal memory used is 55%. I have never used or needed the SD card.
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