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Originally Posted by wagonfanatic View Post
I'm playing around with the idea of collecting 1 bike from each decade that showcases "modern" technology and innovation from that era. Part of me likes the idea of having a different nationality for each decade-- English for 50s, American for 60s, Italian for 70s, Japanese for 80s, ect.

If you had ti choose only one classic bike from each decade -- 50s through 90s -- which would you choose?
You've floated (at least) two very different ideas here. Do you want a bike that showcases the best technology from each decade? Or do you want the most iconic bike from each decade? Which (if either) of these bikes a person would "choose" from each decade most definitely depends on the person you ask.

Following your first ideas, showcasing the best technology of the era AND choosing a spotlight nationality for the decade, I've got your 80's bike right here.

Japanese-built, American-branded. Tange 1 tubing. SunTour Superbe components. Because the 80's were all about style over substance, this wasn't a popular bike, but this was the best technology the 80's had to offer.
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