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Originally Posted by Kimmo View Post
Lots of folks in my country like to thrash the hell out of their credit cards... I think we might have the highest private debt ratio in the world. Bunch of shallow wankers, sucked into grasping consumerism, gotta have a repulsive black AMG SUV and a mcmansion, full of crap bought on the card. Watching reality shows on commercial telly, listening to commercial radio, driving like ****en pigs on their way to hoard toilet paper, and once in a while voting for a pack of transparent charlatans who illegally sprinkle baubles of middle class welfare and bleed the whole place dry with their insane vampiric crony capitalism.

Don't get me started
If your info had not shown you are in Australia I would have thought you were describing people in Southern California. Not much difference, is there? (except the funny accent! ).
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