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Originally Posted by Hondo Gravel View Post
I think I made wise decisions financially over the years. With not knowing how long this Covid virus will have everything slowing to a crawl. I’m thinking on ways to be smart not to get into a crack by doing unwise things. Things of substance is far more important right now. The style stuff can take a backseat as far as I am concerned. I’ve seen too many relatives get in horrible financial situations because they need the best and the greatest and people were very willing to sell it to them. Didn’t work out to well for them in the long run. Luckily I didn’t catch that disease and always had the older truck the less fancy material goods and so on. This crisis is really making me think hard about what is important and what is not.
Virus or not, the important thing is to.... always, spend less than you make. When younger people ask me for investing advice I always tell them "No matter what, save money. You need to treat saving money like air, you can't do without it", "People who understand interest... earn it. Those who don't... pay it".
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