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Got one of these yesterday and gave it a little test on a ride to a restaurant two miles away (in Los Angeles) which I go to frequently. Love the device. Easy to see, reasonably easy to use.

One question though: is there any way to force the navigation to emphasize/choose bike routes? On my way to the aforementioned restaurant, I take a bike route (in this case, just a road with sharrows) which is one block south of a major road with lot of traffic going 40-50 mph. I used the navigation to see how it would work, and navigation was constantly telling me to take the larger road with dangerous traffic. I was surprised it didn't put me on the marked bike route (which goes almost the entire two miles, running south of that large road the entire time, so the bike route is clearly superior for bikes).

Is there a way to force the unit to choose bike routes when available? I think Google Maps does that...

I tried changing one of the settings from "roads" to "mixed roads" (I don't have the words exactly right, but something similar) but that made no change in the route on my way back home.
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