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Thanks, useful advice.

Was thinking about this after I posted and I can think of a couple of reasons for what I observed.

-- The bike route I'm talking about (for those familiar with LA, I'm talking about 4th st, rather than riding the very busy 3rd st which it parallels in going across most of the middle of the city) has a pretty bad surface for road riding, so it's possible that Garmin's "popularity" function shows lots of people riding on 3rd. After all, if you're on a group ride at 6 am, you'd take 3rd (which is in good condition) when traffic would be very light...

-- I went to google maps on my computer to see how it would route me and indeed it chose 4th street, the bike route, when routing... It's possible (likely?) that Google maps simply defaults to any bike route even when a non-bike-route street would be the better choice...

Anyway, I like the device and truth is, it's unlikely I'll use it a lot for navigating to previously-untraveled-to destinations. So personally I don't find this a big problem. Just, as my very first experience with a Garmin device, and knowing they've been in the GPS and navigation biz for many years, I was a little surprised to have it try to route me on to the certain-death street. 🤓
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