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Originally Posted by John R Smith View Post
Many thanks for all your good-humoured replies. Actually, to be serious for a moment, my completely wasted evening yesterday and my resulting angst could have been avoided by two simple things -
  1. There could have been a mention in the charming welcome email which the Forum sent to me that there would be a restriction on the posting of photos.
  2. Making sure that the information panel at the bottom of my screen did NOT say -
You may post new threads
You may post replies
You may post attachments
You may edit your posts

Which it is still doing now. And I did check it very carefully before spending some considerable time writing my introductory text and uploading seven photos and writing interesting captions for each one, all of which promptly disappeared when I hit the post button. I did feel a little bit tetchy, I must admit, hence my post.

Yours, John
No worries, we get that a lot here.

I'm no huge Masi fan or expert by any stretch but they are beautiful and yours is no exception, very nice.

Keep plugging away so you can immerse yourself and enjoy the full obsession that is BF C+V.
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