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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post

Your logic defies me. What does the European Bike Craze (WTF) have to do with American retailers selling every bike they had on the racks and no more to be had for the forseeable?

The European bike community was saturated.

It is an established and mature organism. Everyone who wanted a bike over there had one. America had the lowest bike ownership per capita prior to the Pandemic and the explosion of interest in cycling OVER HERE resulted in the meltdown of the supply chains.

And, no, Europeans do not buy more e-bikes than us. Their commutes are short, the terrain (mostly) flat, and very restrictive legislation makes owning them not as exciting as it seems. The supply chain mess OVER HERE is because AMERICA only has one port built to 20th Century standards and it is swamped for ... a very long time, like the man said. That isn't anyone else's fault.

"The report collates the sales data of all 27 European Union countries, plus the UK (which left the EU pm 1st Feb 2020 as a result of their ‘Brexit’ decision).For calendar year 2020 sales of bikes including e-bikes grew by 40% over 2019 to a total market value of €18.3 billion (A$29 billion)

Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI general manager, added, “European citizens are selecting greener e-mobility options over buying cars or using public transport, which resulted in e-bikes enjoying a staggering 52% increase in sales. E-bike sales leapt to €10.6 billion (A$16.7 billion) in 2020.”

“People say it took the Dutch or the Danish cities 30 or 50 years to build their cycle infrastructure, but we don’t have this kind of time,” said Buczyński. “We have the climate emergency, which we cannot deal with in 50 years. We need to change the transport system pretty quickly, and it will be very difficult without making cycling a viable option for everyone.

“We need to do it fast, maybe not in two months but in a few years.”
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