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Originally Posted by late View Post
twaffle redacted
Not at all sure what all that has to do with what I said. I don't care what the European sales figures are. What are the U.S. figures? The entirety of the E.U. population that rides bikes is probably half the population of Texas alone! The high net worth economies that are highly visible from over here represent a fraction of the overall E.U. population. We all know about the outlier participation of The Netherlands (Holland), Germany, and France in cycling. What about Poland? Serbia? The combined populations of Germany, France, The UK, The Netherlands ... I don't think those COUNTRIES populations combined exceeds that of ... Texas. Whatever 'increases' are being noticed in Europe have jack all to do with America's lack of inventory supply. E.U. brands are NEVER sold in U.S. bike stores. It isn't allowed. There are maybe three U.S. registered importers that can get their hands on Gazelles, Bakfiets or other special E.U. manufactured bikes. French, Swiss or other bikes? Nope. Not seen here in any numbers and deffo not SOLD here by U.S. retailers. Also, it must be said, Dutch bikes are made in Dutch. They do not import nearly as much bicycles for their domestic market, if any at all, as the U.S.! You are going to pay $1500 to $2000 USD for a run of the mill Dutch bicycle because it is manufactured in a First World Country. The American bicycle industry lives and dies on BSO's (bicycle shaped objects) imported from China. Even the ubiquitous Trek's and Giant's that dominate the middle of the market are essentially Chinese. There is your problem. Fix that. Stop blaming Europe.
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