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Originally Posted by willibrord View Post
We need tariffs and quotas on cheap Asian derived bicycles .They are talking about incentives for evs manufactured in the US, but not evs manufactured anywhere else. If this applies to ebikes and is supported by the proper import controls and industrial policy, it could mean a resurgence of American made products. We should really hope it happens.
And why should Americans be forced to pay more for bicycles just because of where they're made? It would be a tax on the consumer with highly dubious benefits to the country as a whole.

The 'Build Back Better' law in it's current form from the house allows a $7500 EV tax credit for any EV car no matter where it is from, and additional $500 tax credit it the battery was made in the US, and another additional $4500 tax credit if it was built in the US by union labor. Only 1 EV currently manufactured qualifies for the entire $12,500 tax credit. Also, there is a $1500 tax credit available for any e-bike with a purchase price of $5000 or less and limited to those with income of less than $150k/year. But all of this will probably change or die in the Senate version.
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