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Originally Posted by big john View Post
Pretty sure none of my grandparents ever drove a car. My mother didn't learn until she was in her 40s. She only had one minor fender bender in her life.

fwiw I drive "like a grandma" most of the time. I had a neighbor try to pass me on our street as I was going less than the speed limit (25).
I stay out of the fast lane when the freeways are open. I'm only willing to go 70-75 (speed limit is 65) when lots of drivers are doing 75-80 and some are at 80+. These speeds make for some horrific crashes.
My momís mom never drove. Gramps did.

My mom crashed during her first license test on a closed course. My dad had a partially paralyzed right hand from being turned around during a breach birth and never drove. My sister has never had a license. My family didnít own a car between Ď83 and Ď95.

Iím a cautious and excellent driver.
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