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Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis View Post
Is that local races? I know in the TDF and other major tour races, they do drop back and help the main GC contender if he needs it. I have to say, our group rides are more like the TDF races.

Ya know, I was training with a local team on crit rides. The guy who was in charge dropped back to help me out on the ride. 4 of us almost lapped the rest of the team on a one mile loop. I was helping and the 4th guy wouldn't but I got tired on the last 2 laps of 30. The guy dropped back and helped me out after the short little grade. Said I helped and he knew I could make it back up with a little help. I did but boy was I wiped out. But I helped the entire 28 before I faded so I think that is why he dropped back to pull me back up. I was surprised.

On the group rides, never once did someone drop back to help me out, or even volunteer to take the front.
The rides I am talking about are done by racers mostly, although that’s not a requirement. They’re sometimes called hammer rides or the Tuesday Night World Championship. Anyone can show up and there’s no leader, just a well established route. Starting time and place is traditional and it might be announced on social media, or not. Pre-social media, you’d find out by asking at the local roadie-focused bike shop.

I shouldn’t say that no one will wait for you. If there’s a crash or emergency, the group will stop. But if it’s just a flat or you just get dropped, a friend or teammate might sit up and wait but there’s no expectation on either side. That’s the honesty. It’s a training ride and we’re all responsible for ourselves, no hard feelings, see you next week and try to hang on a little longer next time. It’s how we all did.
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