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Looking for a strong but affordable rim for dynamo wheel build

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Looking for a strong but affordable rim for dynamo wheel build

Old 07-30-22, 06:32 PM
Tourist in MSN
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Originally Posted by stardognine View Post
It looks like we need a mad scientist, to spin a wheel built with one of these "non-machined" rims, preferably on a motor, and spinning with the brakes ON, for quite a long time, to see what happens. 🤔

Besides brake pad wear, we'd want to measure the actual braking, to see if there's any bad side to running them with older cantilever brakes. 🤔

Somehow, I don't think these tests have been done yet. 🙄😉
Can't help, my three Dyad wheels all have machined rims.

Even the one I mentioned above that is on a disc brake wheel, I bought the machined rim so that it would match the front rim which is used with a rim brake.

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Old 07-30-22, 08:52 PM
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Can't help, my three Dyad wheels all have machined rims.
I like machined rims. They make for easier truing of wheels on my truing stand. I use dial indicators and they don't like those uneven edges were the rims come together.
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Old 07-31-22, 04:15 AM
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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
Based on Cycco’s recommendation, I replaced my worn Alex Adventure rims (braking surface wear after 8.5 years of touring and transportation) with wheels built with Alpine III spokes and RhynoLite rims. Zero issues after an initial truing after a couple of hundred miles. Like you, I travel with four bags. I have also been incorporating more unpaved roads into my routes. Still going strong after nearly 4 years.
Cyccos been offering the same great advice on spoke choice for many years now.
I was going to follow it myself but it turned out that the Alpines weren’t friendly with my particular IGH due to their thickness of their j bend.
Luckily for me the CX-Rays have proven to be a great second choice and at their time of purchase, available way cheaper from Germany online, than locally in Australia where I was residing at the time.
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Old 08-15-22, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Doug64 View Post
There were several cracks along the rear wheel's spoke holes on the Mavic 119 rim on my wife's bike. She went through the grates of an old storm drain at petty high speed, causing 2 pich flats, that could have also damaged the rim. She had about 7,000 miles on the bike at that time with about 4,500 being actual loaded touring miles.

We have Dyad rims on 3 of our touring bikes, and 119s on 2 bikes. I replaced the 119 in the picture with a Dyad rim. I don't think there was a 119 available at the time. The 319s might be stronger than the 119s , but the eyelets didn't seem to help.

My wife has 27, 000 miles on a set of Dyad rims, with no issues. I hit a large piece of metal on the approach to a bridge at about 25 MPH. The impact put a bulge in the rim, but the rim was still true and round, so I could ride it to a nearby town, Medicine Hat, Alberta. I couldn't use my front brake but the wheel was safe to ride. I called the guy who built the wheels and asked about pounding the bulge back in. He did not think that was a good Idea.

The bulge is about the 9:00 position.

I about cried when the mechanic at the shop cut out the hub for me. Luckily, the the shop had 1 wheel that would work because we still had about 1,000 mile to go. I had the hub to build up another wheel using a Dyad rim. Between my wife and I we have about 44,000 miles of actual touring on Dyad rims without any issues. None of our Dyad wheels have ever needed truing.
I built up some mtn bike wheels with dyads in the mid 90’s and got a ding a little like that on the rear wheel. Only damaged the bead which did affect braking but didn’t take the rim out of true. My take at the time is that they didn’t seem as thick in the bead hook as other rims so while they were rigid they were also light and while a light rim can be built strong the rim bead can sustain damage needing replacement long before the wheel is compromised. My $.02 is that seeking light rims for touring application is of no benefit. Kinda like low profile truck tires on a truck. Sure they make them but why bother.
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Old 08-24-22, 02:29 PM
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My Tout Terrain Silk Road has Mavic rims, fore and aft, built by Peter White. You might check his web site to see what he specifies.
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