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How tall are you and what frame size do you ride?

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How tall are you and what frame size do you ride?

Old 06-03-18, 07:17 PM
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5'10 and a 54cm. I am almost always better with one size smaller than manufactor suggested ideal. Worst case I swap stems and wider bars

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Old 06-03-18, 07:50 PM
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I'm 5 10 and ride 54cm 54cm ctc. Long legs and short upper body. But I always like riding a little smaller bike, to me it handles quicker and I can have a little longer stem. Makes for a solid handling quick bike.
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Old 06-03-18, 09:41 PM
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I'm 5'10" and my bikes range from 53 to 56 cm with horizontal top tubes. Of course the shorter frame has more standover clearance. The 53 is generous and the 56 is snug. I also have a 60 cm frame that's uncomfortable for me to stand over. The 53 cm frame was 10 bucks, and it's my favorite ride right now. If it matters, I tend to wear regular street clothes, not spandex, so maybe I need a little more clearance if you catch my drift.

With that said, I see no other relationship between frame "size" and the fit and ride of my bikes, because they vary in other dimensions such as reach, and they have a variety of stems and handlebars based on what I've picked up over the years.

If I were looking for a new frame, I think that 54 would be the tallest that I'd choose, unless a 56 was some sort of insane bargain in pristine condition.
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Old 06-03-18, 10:06 PM
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Too many variable dimensions in modern frame geometry to give a number. I usually fluctuate between Large and XL frame sizes. 6'0" with 33" inseam.
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Old 06-03-18, 11:35 PM
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5'11", 33" inseam. I usually prefer 56-58 cm. But I'm more comfortable with a little shorter reach due to an old neck injury. I might try test riding a 54, just to see if the seat post and stem length can be adjusted to suit me.
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Old 06-04-18, 01:45 AM
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6'0." '33 inseam and in between a 40 regular and 40 long suit coat/jacket. currently riding both a 58 and a 59 but had and sold a 60 that also worked.
between stem/seatpost length and saddle positioning, able to make all three sizes work. all 3 bikes i've ridden in the three different sizes were all
a more relaxed geometry and i usually only ride in the drops on descents. have had lower back problems the last 15 years (currently on hiatus thank goodness)
but none of the particular sizes of 58, 59 or 60 seemed to alleviate or exacerbate symptoms better or worse than the others. the 59 feels the most
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Old 06-04-18, 02:47 AM
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185 cm (6'1), longish legs, and I ride a 60 cm frame.
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Old 06-04-18, 04:47 AM
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6-0 with a 33 inseam. 56cm frame is a pretty solid number across the board for me. 90mm stem seems to work well, 175 crank arm. 55/57 can work as well, depends on the bike and setup.
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Old 06-04-18, 06:57 AM
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5'9" and I ride a 52 with a 100mm stem. (Came with a 90mm) Sounds small, but my inseam is 34, so I usually have to ride bikes one size smaller due to short torso. Took me a while to figure that out. Lol.
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Old 06-04-18, 07:06 AM
Bikes are okay, I guess.
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Most of my bikes were purchased years ago when I was taller. I was 6'1" and my bikes were 64cm/25" for road. I have since shrunk and can still straddle a tall frame but will probably buy 62cm/24" if I get another.

The jeans I bought recently were 34" inseam and the Bridgestone RB-T I bought for my retirement present three years ago was a 62cm, and my height last doctor visit was shockingly (to me) less than 6 feet.
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Old 06-04-18, 07:30 AM
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I'm 5'10" on a good day. I have a frog body...long arms and legs, but short torso. My Jamis Quest is a 56 cm , but my Jamis Expert is a 58 cm with a shorter stem. I've had hybrids that were 19"/Large.
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Old 06-04-18, 08:58 AM
Fredly Fredster
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5'10"... 56cm on road bikes, 55cm on gravel bike. Long arms and legs... short torso.
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Old 06-04-18, 09:12 AM
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5'10", with a paltry 29" inseam. I prefer larger bikes, even if I can't always stand over them, because the top tube suits my torso better and leg adjustments are easy.

-Mazama is medium, was on the line between the two and would have preferred the large but that is what was on sale. Had to bump up the length of the stem significantly
-Trek 520 is a 58, fits fine
-Schwinn Le Tour is a 23", fits like a glove. Best fitting bike I own.
-IIRC, the Univega is a 53. Fit is "meh", no complaints or discomfort, but doesn't feel all that inspiring.
-Scott touring-conversion bike is a 16". I'd never buy one small, but it was my first "real" bike that I have no desire to get rid of, and the trekking bars and longer stem make it fit fine.
-Scott fat bike is a medium, that is the only one I purposefully went smaller on, tires make it sit much higher, more worried about coming off and banging the crotch on that than any other bike Also had to use a longer stem.
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Old 06-04-18, 10:06 AM
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Six foot tall with average proportions. My favorite bike fit is 66cm. But that's with townie bars, not drops.
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Old 06-04-18, 11:10 AM
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Do people also find different manufacturers bikes seem to size differently ... I've been looking at buying a Giant Gravel Bike and was quite surprised that for my 5"7 they were suggesting small / 52cm when most other manufacturers would be a medium / 54cm.
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Old 06-04-18, 11:22 AM
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6', 56cm. Also 58cm- a little big.
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Old 06-04-18, 11:25 AM
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152cms (5') with 29" inseam and fit 46-48 XXS frames.
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Old 06-04-18, 12:11 PM
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172cm (5' 8"), 54 and 55. I'm more comfortable on the 55.
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Old 06-04-18, 12:19 PM
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5' 9", 56cm frame.
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Old 06-04-18, 01:51 PM
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Ride what fits best? For you, and your reach and leg length. Road bike, touring bike, racing road bike, fat bike, or mt bike?
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Old 06-04-18, 03:44 PM
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I used to be 5' 8-1/2", but have shrunk a bit with age... Pants inseam 29.5, sleeve length 34.5. Back 40+ years ago when I was a teenager, there wasn't the selection of sizes we have today. Fuji came in 19", 21", 23" and 25" , and you must remember this is also with 27x1-1/4" tires, too! The LBS tried to steer me to a 21" frame bike, but I felt too cramped front-to-back.. The 23" frame (~58cm) fit me much better. The standover height issue is a bit over-rated. Yes, 'the boys' would be feel the squeeze if I were to stand with both feet flat-footed, but who does that??? Never happened to me in over 40 years, either! I guess ideally I should be on a 56cm, but those didn't exist in my price range back then.

So, that said, here are my bike sizes...

23" frame '75 Fuji S-10s w/27x1-1/8 tires
23" frame '84 Univega Viva Sport 27x1-1/8 tires
23" frame '84 Univega Gran Tourismo 27x1-1/4 tires
57cm frame '86 Miyata 710 700cx28 tires.
'75 Fuji S-10S bought new, 52k+ miles and still going!
'84 Univega Gran Tourismo
'84 Univega Viva Sport
'86 Miyata 710
'90 Schwinn Woodlands
Unknown brand MTB of questionable lineage aka 'Mutt Trail Bike'
Plus or minus a few others from time-to-time

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5'11", 56cm is usually about right.
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Old 06-04-18, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by ChicagoWinter98 View Post
Hey everyone, I am trying to gather some insight on pairing frame size with height.
I always been riding a 54 cm but I am thinking about moving to a 53 cm. I am 5 feet 8 inches. I know there are a lot of factors like leg length, arm reach, etc, but still I want to know!
I am 5'9" and ride a 54. I have a 53 Bianchi frame. It requires me to use a set-back seat post and long stem.

The difference between a 53 and 54 can be significant.

I would try the 53.
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6'2" and my bike is 58. I could probably go 60 but definitely not smaller.
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Originally Posted by SylvainG View Post
I'm half an inch taller than you (5' 8.5") and ride a size large Giant TCX. Seat tube is 56.5" and top tube is 57.5". I personally would find a 54" bike a bit small for me. We're all proportioned differently...
Ain't that the truth!

I'm definitely an oddity - 5'7", and I'm most comfortable on a 56 cm frame. I know that sounds ridiculously big for my height, but I genuinely feel cramped on a 54 and feel properly relaxed and appropriately stretched out on a 56.

I've got a 56 cm Scott road bike, a 56 cm Specialized Diverge, and a medium AWOL (which has about the same reach as the Scott). And I've comfortably ridden the Scott and AWOL for hours at a time. I haven't owned the Diverge long enough to see how I fare over a long ride, but it feels like it fits perfectly and certainly fit better than the 54 I tried out.
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