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Have just gotten the Nashbar single wheel Trailer

Utility Cycling Want to haul groceries, beer, maybe even your kids? You don't have to live car free to put your bike to use as a workhorse. Here's the place to share and learn about the bicycle as a utility vehicle.

Have just gotten the Nashbar single wheel Trailer

Old 07-14-08, 01:35 PM
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The weight limit is still 45 lbs, but I have boldly exceeded it without incident. I worry about the toll it will take on the trailer in the long run, but it hasn't been an issue yet.
I have no clue what the swing arms were like before. Mine is new so must be the newer version, they don't seem weak, but are nor beefy either.
The only poor handling issues that I've had seem to come from carrying liquid weight. Fully loaded with dry-goods I'm doing 28 mph downhill with no issues whatsoever.
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Old 07-25-08, 09:57 PM
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I got a N bar trailer last year, have gone through several skewers, the tend to break taking them on and off, plus the ball bearing thing stinks. It has welds coming loose and has never had more than 40 pounds in it, is rusting through what they called powdercoating. It has about sixty miles on it and is stored indoors.
talked to a service rep at nashbar and he told me that my best bet was to get a bob trailer. not a good thing to hear from the company one bought something from, you get what you pay for though.
unless I make a better mounting system, it will have to continue to fall apart in the corner. I won't trust my life to it. no more nashbar products for me ever.
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Old 05-12-21, 07:08 AM
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Nashbar Trailer

Originally Posted by elfich View Post
I just got the Nashbar single wheel trailer. I'm going to post my comments on it as I go.

My immediate observations

Just horsing around with the trailer while not on the bike:
With the trailer mounted the entire assembly is long and a beast. When the bike is not moving and you are dismounted the bike and trailer naturally want to jack-knife or fall over. Very unwieldy in a confined space apartment.
I live on the second floor of an apartment building. You have to be very careful decending with the trailer mounted to the bike as you descend. I would not suggest pure road shoes for this activity, you need all the traction you can get.
Climbing the stairs at the end of the ride was just as hard in a different way: You MUST keep the bike as upright as possible or the trailer will flop around and change climbing the stairs from a chore to a significant hurdle.

The trailer likes to descend on hills. Having both brakes ready to go is not optional. You will pick up speed on descents much faster.
Climbing. I had a single courier bag with two large locks in it (one for the bike, one for the trailer). My total extra weight was around twenty five pounds. I found a short sharp hill climb (Pine Street in Albany, NY-cobbles and all) and found that I really wanted to down shift more than the range I had available (front 39,53). I'm guessing I'll be finding a three speed front and a granny gear eventually. Do not attempt to stand on the pedals and rock the bike back and forth in order to get more out of your climb. You have to rock the extra weight of the trailer as well.

So far I like it. I don't feel like I'm (personally) weighted down while on the bike. The overall bike feels 'heavier' but personally I do not loaded down quite so much and that feels a bit better.
I plan on starting to run errands in the 3-7 mile (one way) range and I'll start commenting as I discover idiosyncrasies with the trailer.

The trailer isnt meant to be pulled up stairs lol...try carrying the bike and trailer separately up stairs as you're supposed to do! Secondly as for balance it takes practice only....I've done long distances and went beyond the recommended weight....it handled fine up or down hills and did not push me barely at all!
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Old 05-12-21, 07:59 AM
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Wow, way to revive a 13-year-old thread!

Anyway, yeah, I borrowed a buddy's Nashbar single-wheel trailer for a couple of camping trips. It was always a pain in the butt, and eventually I rolled it over and bent one of the attachment arms, which I then had to replace for said buddy. I got myself a Burley two-wheeled cargo trailer and never looked back (until, about 10 years later, I eventually got a Douze cargo bike -- but that's in a very different price range). The two-wheeler is a much better design. I've toured with it in the Adirondacks and used it for hauling 80+ lbs of stuff around town, and it always works fine. Get a Burley Nomad. Don't bother with the single-wheel jobs.
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