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I don't have a garage (and can't keep it indoors). What can I do for my bike?

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I don't have a garage (and can't keep it indoors). What can I do for my bike?

Old 09-14-21, 06:44 AM
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I don't have a garage (and can't keep it indoors). What can I do for my bike?

Sort of an addendum to my "do I need an expensive bike" thread... If I buy a better quality used bike, take the time to replace the cables, etc.... is there anything I can do to preserve it? I don't have a place for bikes indoors (and we have a lot of bikes since we have a big family).
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Old 09-14-21, 07:05 AM
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Google "All Weather Bike Covers."
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Old 09-14-21, 07:17 AM
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It depends.

How many bikes do you have? Where do you live? How are you storing bikes now?

For a single bicycle, I'd recommend a bike cover (with an asterisk). For more than a couple bikes, you might want to get a tarp of appropriate conditions.

Under a tarp or bike cover the humidity will be enough to rust or corrode bike parts, so you'll want to ride them every few days just to dry them out.

Unless you live on an isolated farm, you'll want to have something solid to lock the bikes up to. Porch columns, anchors embedded in concrete, or perhaps 20 bikes with a logging chain running through them all could work.
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Old 09-14-21, 07:20 AM
well hello there
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I've seen three bicycles stored in a three person dorm room.
Where there's a will, there's a way.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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Old 09-14-21, 07:37 AM
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I keep my bike in the trunk of my car half the time.
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Old 09-14-21, 08:12 AM
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buy a patio shed.
store it under a tarp.

Think of ways in which things kept outside stay dry and apply those to this situation.
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Old 09-14-21, 08:16 AM
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If you can't bring them into the house or garage, the next best option would be a bike shed. A locker would be an option for one or two, but not for "a lot" of bikes.
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Old 09-14-21, 08:37 AM
Zip tie Karen
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There are ways to overcome this. What is your skill level with hand tools, hammering and use of a circular saw? You can build an 8 x 12 shed for well under $700, if you source your wood carefully, are willing to work with scrap and have the needed footprint.

For under $900, you could buy a pre-made plastic 7 x 7 shed, but it'd need reinforcement if you want the walls to bear any loads.
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Old 09-14-21, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Nachoman View Post
I've seen three bicycles stored in a three person dorm room.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Same here. And my 2 roommates were not pleased, but they got over it.
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Old 09-14-21, 08:57 AM
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Maybe something like this https://www.pinterest.com/pin/270990102563067231/

Ive also seen people store bikes in those Rubbermaid things that are designed for storing two garbage cans in.


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Old 09-14-21, 09:11 AM
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They have a couple of those at Costco. There’s a 6’ x 5’ shed for sale at 699.99 right now.
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Old 09-14-21, 09:16 AM
more daylight today!
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One bike? If I had to keep it outdoors it would be a very inexpensive bike. Under a cover it's likely to keep a lot of the mornings high humidity underneath and next to the bike. Though between leaving it uncovered in the rain and crud that's going to fall from other things and putting it under a tarp, I guess I'd opt for the tarp.

How bout a big locker like they use on the docks of marinas for each boat owner to store the excess stuff. Some are tall and about phone booth size and you could hang the bike in it. Usually the boat lockers I've seen are well ventilated. But they also looks somewhat home made too. So maybe the better ones are DIY.

Are you certain you can't keep it inside? I have two in my dining room that never gets used for dining. Are you sure you don't have room inside?
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Old 09-14-21, 09:23 AM
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We need more info. Tell us about where (in general) you live (city, burbs, etc), high rise, walk-up, house. Square footage outside to put something, if any. Where are they now? Tell us the particulars - how many bikes. People are making good guesses but without some solid clues all you will get is guesses.
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Old 09-14-21, 09:37 AM
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I have kept my bicycle indoors where ever I have lived. Even when I was in the military. I have lived in barracks, mobile homes, apartments and houses. Having enough space is easy. Things are easily moved or gotten rid off. People can be more difficult. I was told when I lived in student apartments to lock my bike in the underground parking lot. I ignored this request. I was told during a barracks inspection I couldn't keep my bicycle in my room by a butter bar but the captain told him he was wrong. So what is really your problem with not having enough room. Is this a joke.
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Old 09-14-21, 09:43 AM
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My bike would be indoors if I lived in a 10X10 box and had to hoist it into the ceiling or hang it on a wall. You do the best with what you can. I have 3 inside, several on the front porch, several on the back. My best 2 live in our bedroom. My wife's Comotion is on her side of the bed against a bookcase, my Lemond is on my side of the bead against another bookcase. Yes, they are both inn the way. Figure out a way.
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Old 09-14-21, 09:55 AM
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For an apartment, a wall or ceiling mount is a way to get it out of the way.

If you are unable to put any holes in the wall, Id attach a couple of 2x4s to the back of a heavy dresser and mount it on that. Maybe L brackets and a small hoist.

I would have to give it some thought to come up with something specific, but my bike would be inside, somehow.

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Old 09-14-21, 10:20 AM
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When I was in the dorms in college, I stored my bike upright in a corner with nothing more than a pencil stuck through the rear wheel at the chainstay. It took up little more space than many floor lamps.
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Old 09-14-21, 11:46 AM
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Do you have a ceiling?
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Old 09-14-21, 11:59 AM
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What is "Lose it to thieves?" .........
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Old 09-14-21, 12:08 PM
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You can "weatherize" the bike somewhat.

Stainless brake/shift cables are reasonably cheap. I'm not sure about the housing, but make sure it is lined, and there aren't any cuts and scrapes. There are full synthetic, but expensive.

Wippermann makes stainless chains (although I'm not sure the pins are stainless).

Aluminum or titanium frames?

I always choose headsets where the "cup" is above the "cone". So they would tend to shed water.

At least mid-range and better parts will have more aluminum, stainless, and titanium bits and pieces which will help minimize rust.

Keep everything well lubed.

Eaves, a back porch, or covered patio can offer some protection.
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Old 09-15-21, 10:34 AM
seor miembro
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Originally Posted by 777funk View Post
... and we have a lot of bikes since we have a big family.
So ... where are those kept?
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Old 09-15-21, 12:22 PM
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Cant't keep it indooors because....?
House rule?
House preference?
No room?
I'd carry it to the side of my bed if I had to. Sheds and tarps will cause them to rust in the wet months.
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Old 09-16-21, 06:12 AM
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It is amazing how little space it takes to store a bike if you use your imagination. This photo shows a solution I used to store 2 bikes in an unused corner of my apartment. The alcove was less than 2 feet deep. I also gained a storage shelf in the process:

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Originally Posted by Nachoman View Post
I've seen three bicycles stored in a three person dorm room.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Is that all? I've seen 14 bikes and a cat in a 2 person dorm room.
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Old 09-16-21, 02:27 PM
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My wife said I couldn't keep my bikes in the house. Gosh I'm gonna miss her.
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