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Does your spouse ride with you?

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Does your spouse ride with you?

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Originally Posted by John E View Post
For the first three years of our marriage we lived car-free in west Los Angeles, in a little apartment a mile and a half south of the UCLA campus. We bicycled, walked, or rode transit everywhere, other than occasionally using my grandfather's car. (Our apartment was conveniently located halfway between my maternal grandparents' house and campus.)

We bought our first car, a year-old 1976 Pinto Squire ("woody" vinyl decal) station wagon, when we bought our first house. The house, a formerly beautiful Spanish style duplex from the late 1920s, was a real dump of a fixer-upper, so we needed some way to transport drywall, lumber, and other building materials. After I suffered a concussion and fractured collarbone later that year, courtesy of a left-crossing motorist, my wife gradually lost her taste for cycling in traffic, so I can relate to those who responded "only on trails." I am sure she worries about me when I am out on the road.
I was searching the thread, hoping to find of 1 to match what be said in the 1st paragraph. Sadly, all that ended as time went on.
You may be such the taste as one of the flower fields, if you understand me.
Even more --- as in the being in the SD area.
Who in the bike-forum is of existence with a spouse ---- as the 2 only relate to bicycles as their form of wheels?
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Yes, I am very fortunate, my wife is an avid touring, you might even say hardcore, cyclist. We ride for utility or recreation almost every day. During the last 8 years we toured together for a total of over a year. We have crossed the US twice (W to E and N to S) and toured self supported extensively in North America and Europe. Between my wife's 3 bikes she has ridden over 25,000 miles. Her oldest bike is 8 years old. We've ridden about 95% of those mile together. We didn't keep track very much before that time.

We are presently on a week-long tour with our two daughters, both enthusiastic bike tourers. It must be genetic.

I'm a little reluctant to mention an area for a tour, because she will have the maps out looking at possible routes. We leave a week after we get home from this tour for 2 months riding through Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I wake every day and give thanks for being so lucky?

I know it sounds a lot like bragging; but it is just that I am really proud of her.

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Recreationally yes.
As a couple and as parents we have done many family rides over the past 25+ years. She recognizes my need to ride more extensively & intensively and does not want to do the same. I'm lucky that she allows me the freedom and time to ride!
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Originally Posted by curbtender View Post
Good thread. My wife will ride with me but she has found a few limits. The number one being that she won't ride a tandem again. Something about having a butt pointed at you...
That's why when we had our first tandem built back in '87, we had it made so that either one of us could be captain or stoker. Lucky for us, this was something that our builder had already considered and he had even built a few for a small captain/large stoker. In pretty short order, we settled in on her as captain and me as stoker.

Some people think a tandem requires the captain to have a strong upper body, but that's just not true. In fact, just yesterday my wife decided to see if she could ride with no hands as we cruised along on a gravel road. It might have been nice if she had told me first, but she didn't have any difficulty controlling the bike without touching the bars. It's all about teaching the stoker to not rock the boat (rollers are good teachers).

Of course if you go this route, then your wife has to get used to having someone panting behind her head, but at least she can call for back rubs after a difficult climb.
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My wife, at 77yo, rides short rides with me. I greatly enjoy getting out with her. Often I will go on for a longer ride and she will return home.

Neighbors across the street are in early 70's/late 60's. She has extreme rheumatoid arthritis, but manages to ride a full step-through a mile or so with her husband. It is a great exercise for her. He rides about 6 miles or so, and considers that the ultimate in aerobics - "all one needs"!

Other neighbors across the street - mid 60's for him, late 50's for her, ride together.
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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
borrow away - I just wish my borrowed text didn't have typos! (I meant "..to ride fast", not "...ride too fast" and certainly not "too ride fast")

Also, responding to what ButchA wrote - I more or less agree, but I also won't give any advice about how to pedal, which gear to use, etc. I'm just glad she's out riding with me and she can ride at whatever pace and in whatever style suits her. My wife does not *want* to be faster, she just wants to enjoy the ride. And I can ride fast (or what I call fast) on other rides.
Too funny. I guess reading it I knew what you meant. "

"My wife does not *want* to be faster, she just wants to enjoy the ride" I agree with you AGAIN....and quoted you AGAIN

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So, hmmmmm, a spouse doesn't have to mean the female. Could be the other way around, yes?
Yes, we ride together all the time. He likes to keep an eye on me, given my medical history. But in fact, I'm the bike nut. I'm the one who doesn't want to come in out of the rain, has no problem with colder temperatures, longer distances, etc. But we ride together and love it. Part of the fun is finding a new trail we haven't ridden before and taking a load of pictures.
We ride the rail trails as often as we can, planning multi day trips when possible. He'll always be stronger, but so what. I ride well enough now that he doesn't complain about my (lack of) speed. It keeps us both fit and provides lots of conversation and memories.
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My wife rides five miles and already wants to go home. I ride 50-plus at a shot. She barely hits 10 mph; I average 15-20. So, when we ride together, I don't really get much exercise and take my heavy mtb just so that I can actually pedal.
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My wife and I ride at different speeds and like different terrain, but sometimes we ride together. On last year's Grand Tour double century, for example, she rode the Lowland route while I rode Highland. She finished about 45 min. before me, but no problem.

Sometimes we'll do recovery rides together; I usually ride my fixed gear on those, i.e. relatively flat rides to the beach and back.

Fortunately, most "event" rides offer more than one option so we can find distances and climbing (or lack thereof) to suit both of us.

We've tried tandems at various times but that just didn't work for us!

Rick / OCRR
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Does your spouse ride with you?

Not since about 1990.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… In Ann Arbor MI in the 70’s I… began touring on a five-speed Schwinn Suburban, but soon bought a Mercier as did my girlfriend, later my wife. We toured in Michigan and Ontario.

In 1977 we moved to Boston on our bikes, as a bicycling honeymoon from Los Angeles to Washington, DC and then took the train up to Boston. We have toured in New England and the Maritime Provinces, and one trip to the DelMarVa peninsula…

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… It was a great way to start married life, since every day we would have to find and set up a homestead for the night in a new environment where we only knew, and could depend on each other. I can remember two distinct times on that trip when either one of us hit low a point, and were bouyed up by the other; me in Kansas and she in Ohio.
Since our children came starting in 1988, I can recall one long ride pulling our two-year-old son in a trailer, and one short fun ride in on a quadricycle on Toronto’s Harbour Islands in 2014. While I ride frequently as a year-round commuter, and centurian-in-training, she rides occasionally on Bikeshare bikes in Boston.

But don’t cry for us Argentina. In the early 1980’s we took ballroom dancing lessons for about eight years and on every Saturday evening, after my long Saturday Ride, I look forward to going dining and dancing.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I won’t discuss such things on BF, but as Ann Landers has said, ”(Ballroom) dancing is a vertical sublimation of a horizontal inclination.”..."Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink. Say no more…"

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Yes but only short distances. Nothing too crazy. Before we got married she never rode and didn't have a bike. Now she has an old giant hybrid that she feels fits her well and she enjoys it.

She doesn't like when I push her but she she has proven she has strong legs and her endurance has increased.

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Wife often rides with me ...both of us in late 60's.

However she was always lagging behind. Then 2 things happeed. First I got her a new bike..a Breezer...and she was suddenly able to keep up with me. Surprising because she had a very nice Shogun Mixte!

Then came my physical problems, 5 surgeries for different reasons, but the end result was now she has to wait for me to catch up.

Oh the humanity! Now trying to sell my Ironman watch!
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Yes...We average around 100 miles a week. Some touring, road biking, mountain biking, single track and down hill. Not always the fastest on the down hill but she's doing it.
Some days she pushes me to pick up the pace.
On our last ride we were about 40 miles in to it when a group of about 10 guys past us. We got into the draft and she was able to hold a 24 mph pace for 6 miles.
She said with a smile on her face that was a little scary and fun.
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Originally Posted by baron von trail View Post
My wife rides five miles and already wants to go home. I ride 50-plus at a shot. She barely hits 10 mph; I average 15-20. So, when we ride together, I don't really get much exercise and take my heavy mtb just so that I can actually pedal.
That's the way it seemed when we went on the 6 mile ride. My longest ride on that old Fuji (so far) was 28 miles (14 miles out 'n back), and I had a ball riding it! It was a lot of fun riding from the suburbs in the west end part of Richmond, VA out to Goochland County to the post office out there, stop, drink my water bottle, turn around and ride back home. I seriously doubt my wife would do that ride with me.

Comparing the old Fuji with the Schwinn Mtn bike (I know it's pointless and/or impossible to compare), but I can understand the gearing between the two from Sheldon Brown's website, and why I can easily blow my wife's doors off when bike riding:

FUJI DEL REY, 12 speed, road bike
Crank: 42T - 52T
Freewheel: Fuji's "mighty-6" 14-16-19-22-26-30
42T ratio: 3.0:1(14), 2.6:1(16), 2.2:1(19), 1.9:1(22), 1.6:1(26), 1.4:1(30)
52T ratio: 3.7:1(14), 3.2:1(16), 2.7:1(19), 2.3:1(22), 2.0:1(26), 1.7:1(30)

Schwinn Alum Comp, 21 speed, Mtn bike
Crank: 28T - 38T - 48T
Freewheel: Shimano 7 speed 14-16-18-20-22-24-28
28T ratio: 2.00:1(14), 1.75:1(16), 1.55:1(18), 1.40:1(20), 1.27:1(22), 1.17:1(24), 1.00:1(28)
38T ratio: 2.72:1(14), 2.38:1(16), 2.11:1(18), 1.90:1(20), 1.73:1(22), 1.58:1(24), 1.36:1(28)
48T ratio: 3.43:1(14), 3.00:1(16), 2.67:1(18), 2.40:1(20), 2.18:1(22), 2.00:1(24), 1.72:1(28)

Outlined in RED are the gear ratios that we both used on that short 6 mile ride. I alternated between 3rd and 4th gear on my Fuji, and was still about 25-30 feet ahead of her. My wife Margaret was just happy and content to sit there on the middle chainring in 3rd gear @ 1.73:1 ratio.
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This weekend will find wife and me riding around in Myakka River State Park where we will be RVing. Seven weeks from Friday will be wife's last day of work and we will then be getting out and around town biking as well as walking. Loading the bikes on the motorhome and driving to other campgrounds around the state will then follow.
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Not no way, not no how! She won't even try. Built her a nice fixte and no dice! I wish it were different but...
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yes my wife rides with me on the weekends... ride with my 44 year old son during the week at lunch...
my favorite folks to ride with....
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Yes she does! See my avatar. No matter how hard I peddle I just can't shake her!
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Just bought my wife a Panasonic sport 500 from cl today. After tire/tube/cable change and lots of lube we went out for a brief ride. Hope she likes it, and gets faster.
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A tandem is the thing. Quite inexpensive really in terms of quality hours spent over many years. We are together on ours maybe 300 hours/year, have been riding it that amount for about 7 years, and paid $3000 for it. So far the original cost comes to about $1.43 per hour of joy and dropping. There is more maintenance cost on a tandem, but not double that of a single bike.

My wife hates riding on the road with her single, but loves it on the tandem.

We went to the Northwest Tandem Rally this past weekend. About 400 tandems showed up. There were large variations in age, ability, and conditioning, but everyone had fun.
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My wife and I have ridden together off and on for almost 35 years, but she was never a die hard cyclist. After we had kids she rode a lot less and I would go out and rack up a lot of miles. In the late 90's both of our bikes pretty much went into mothballs as I got back into surfing when our boys saw my boards in the rafters and that occupied nearly all of our time for almost 10 years.

Around 2008 I started riding again with my wife. I started tinkering and upgrading both of our old 80's bikes. About 2 years ago I started mountain biking at 61 and I picked up a nice older Trek for my wife and we will ride trails together. My wife can't ride the miles or hills I do, especially mtb trails. And I do select the routes that will fit her ability and sometimes stretch her level. For a while I would just start riding and before I knew it she would be some distance behind, but I stop and we will ride together. Currently she is good for about 25 miles of road and 10 miles of trail and we ride 2, maybe 3, times a week with a longer ride on the weekends and shorter rides after work.

But it is not the speed or the miles that has made an impact on me. My wife has taught me that riding is more than pounding the pavement over so many miles at such a speed. She has really gotten me to enjoy the ride and more importantly the surroundings. All of my cycling life has been about the numbers, or more recently how well I rode a trail, but with her I might as well throw all of that out the window. So we stop and she takes a picture of a deer. Pretty cool as I would have never noticed it on my own. Or instead of looking at my computer, I notice there's water in a creek, pretty unique for SoCal, or an area of trees. I'll still go on rides by myself where I am still pushing, but not every ride has to be that way to be fun.


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My bike time is the only time I have to be alone and there is no way in hell I am going to share with her .
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Her? On a bike?

Does your spouse ride with you? No. I have not seen her on a bike since our college days (Oh, those were the dazes). I would like her to ride, I want her to ride, but I get the feeling that the only bike she would ride would be a tandem with only one set of pedals!

I Ride On (alone)!
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I usually road ride with my wife, often with other couples. She rides a Cervelo R3 and I don't really have to make any concessions for a 60 km ride. In fact, it is occasionally a challenge! She also tours with me on those occasions we choose to do so, most recently in the southern islands of Japan. I carry the panniers and she carries a pack.

She is less enamoured of mountain biking so, when I'm mountain biking, at least half the time I'm on my own or with friends. This year she is finally coming around to the mountain bike. In part this is due to a recent trip to the Methow Valley (WA) where she discovered that our local trails really re some of the most difficult, technical trails in the world and mountain biking doesn't have to be like that! I don't expect her to do double black diamond but maybe the odd single black diamond by the end of this season.
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She will ride with me, BUT

*she will not ride on roads - trails only.
*she will only ride in nice weather
*she will not try to ride fast

So now and again we ride together. We ride at her pace when we do.[/QUOTE]

My situation is the same. I bought a recumbent tandem in hopes she'd like it better, but not yet.... My daughters do enjoy riding with me though, and we have ridden in a couple of "Hotter n' Hell Hundreds" on our triplet.
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