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New Huffy Makes Clicking Noise

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New Huffy Makes Clicking Noise

Old 06-29-22, 09:45 AM
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New Huffy Makes Clicking Noise

I bought a brand new Huffy, Rangeline, 27.5 on April 16, 2022 in Las Vegas. Was great for first month, and then it started making a clicking noise once every revolution, and only when riding it. Usually, when the right pedal is at the top. Sometimes when I backpedal eight or ten times it will go away, often for a mile or more, but it always comes back.

I tightened the spokes, indexed the shifters, read all of the sticky threads, talked to friends, and it's driving me up the wall. It sounds to me like bottom bracket, but it's difficult to tell exactly where the noise is coming from. Spokes are good, rim is straight and true. Can't figure it out. Contacted Huffy and they said they only warranty parts, not labor for six months. Don't really feel like paying a big labor bill on a brand new bike.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Old 06-29-22, 10:12 AM
Andrew R Stewart 
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My suggestion is to let someone with this kind of experience take a look. These people are often found in a LBS.

Chasing noises can be a time consuming effort if you can't narrow down the type of noise and when it happens (and when it doesn't). You'll get all kinds of maybes this or possibly that, or this is what my bike had going on type of replies here. But since we can't ride your bike we can only write a lot of words about what might be going on.

Noises are generally from two parts/pieces that contact each other having some movement between them. Look at the path of force between your feet and the tire's contact patch with the ground. You'll see many, many, parts that touch each other and anyone could be the source (this time). Sometimes the noise is from some less obvious source away from where one thinks they hear it. Like handle bars and stems, or seat and posts. Sometimes the fix is mere tightening a single clamp or fastener, sometimes the fix requires significant take apart and reassemble (with serviced or replaced parts).

I won't say that one shouldn't consider what the replies say, and one of them might really be the one answer, but knowing which one is the fix is the trick that we can't be sure of long distance. If you are going to do this yourself plan on a lot of efforts that don't fix the noise as you go down the list of possibilities.

Most bike shops will assess the problem for free or for very little cost. Sometimes this takes more time than a while you wait in the shop allows for (like test riding when the shop is open or busy with other customers. Andy
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Old 06-29-22, 10:34 AM
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Be patient. Don't let the noise bother you so much. Eventually it will show you exactly what the problem is and it is unlikely to cost more to fix it then that what you'll spend trying to fix all the wrong things it might be.

Usually noises that sound like they are from the bottom bracket aren't. However you should check that nothing is loose about the BB or how the crank arm attaches to the BB. While you are there, check the chain ring bolts and make sure they are not loose. Also, chain rings many times don't run true so watch carefully as you rotate the crank and see if the chain hits something. Maybe even the big ring if this happen when you are in the small ring.
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Old 06-30-22, 09:59 AM
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More cheap. easy things to check: Tightness of pedals (try removing, cleaning internal and external threads, greasing and retorquing), swap pedals for a known-quiet pair, check torque of chainring bolts if fitted, check seat clamp and rails for tightness, tighten axle nuts or quick releases. Make certain that your shoes (or laces) are not hitting a crankarm or the end of a derailleur cable; the arm can also hit a cable end by itself.
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Old 06-30-22, 11:50 AM
Bill Kapaun
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Most LBS won't work on a Huffy.
Take it back to the store, make noise if necessary, and ask for a new bike.
The 3rd or 4th bike and they will probably just offer your money back.
Take said money and buy a good used bike.
X-mart bikes tend to be a can of worms.
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Old 07-08-22, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun View Post
Most LBS won't work on a Huffy.
Take it back to the store, make noise if necessary, and ask for a new bike.
The 3rd or 4th bike and they will probably just offer your money back.
Take said money and buy a good used bike.
X-mart bikes tend to be a can of worms.
You speak the truth.

I took it back to the Wal-Mart I bought it from and they said, "no can do. We
don't take back bicycles. Try calling 1-800-Wal-Mart and see if they will give
you any relief." So on the way home I said, you know what, I'm going to try a
different Wal-Mart. When I got to the counter at the second store and showed
her the receipt she said, "would you like that back on your card or a Wal-Mart
gift card?"

I still had 12 days until the 90 day return policy expired, so I told her I was going
to see if I could use my extended warranty and try and get it fixed. But it
was good to know I could get a full refund including tax, but I would have to eat
the $30 for the extended warranty. That expired after 30 days.

I filed a claim, took it to Trek America, and the guy (Nick) couldn't be nicer. He said
he would check it out and keep the cost down as much as possible. When I went to pick it
up it was all fixed and it cost $19.60! Not bad! Warranty pays for it, but still
very nice. (Normally it would have cost about $90, they really gave me a break.)

Not only did they fix the clicking, they adjusted the shifters, headset and brakes, etc.

So what was wrong? There was a very tiny bit of give in the crank. If you grabbed
both pedals and moved them back and forth you could feel the tiniest bit of play. There
shouldn't be any. Me and my buddy noticed this and that's why I thought it might be the
bottom bracket, but Nick confirmed it.

The crank was just a bit too loose. When I sat on the bike the right pedal, or what felt
like the right pedal, would click at 12:00 o'clock because of the confluence of pressures
and weight, so there you go. Now it's all fixed. Quiet as a church mouse and it goes into
every gear nice and smooth.

Truth be told the bike was assembled poorly. Brakes weren't properly adjusted, shifters
needed indexing, headset was off, one tire was backwards. Sloppy workmanship. In fact,
the first bike I bought, the front wheel was off and rubbed against the frame. So after
riding it around in the parking lot I took it back and swapped it for another.

I've still got till the 16th to get a refund in case it reverts to the mean, but if stays
the way it is I'll probably just go ahead and keep it. I like the way it rides.

Thanks for all of the suggestions.
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