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Big Crash and sister's husband said he's selling the Bike

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Big Crash and sister's husband said he's selling the Bike

Old 11-23-21, 03:36 AM
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What I want to know is the percentage of serious cycling accidents where riders are run into from behind. It's the main safety fear I have, as I seldom encounter cross traffic or turning drivers on the roads I ride. Any idea?
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Old 11-23-21, 03:50 AM
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There are a large number of people (that are involved in sportcar-racing, vintage racing, SCCA various classes, motorcyclists, drag racers, and circle dirt track racers)
that do in fact immediately quit after being involved in crash. If you have ever been involved in any type of sanctioned motor-car or motorcycle racing, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes it is just as simple as for example the historic & antique sportscar classes of racing have had a large influx of numbskulls whose mindset is politely described as "too-serious" when historics have traditionally had more of an ettiquette that banging & trading paint was beyond not acceptable. Well, in the past 25 years, you've seen now close to a majority of participants that take the view that anything is fair and if you're not trading paint, you ain't racing, and bumping/grinding/banging is fine if it allows you to pass competitors and win. Perhaps sometimes there are too many of these numbskull fools. They are obviously talented and highly skilled but they throw all caution to the wind and sometimes unintentionally make it more dangerous than it should be for fellow competitors, pit crew and track officials.

Ask anyone that has ever participated in such motor racing, and they will tell you that anyone that has any hesitancy or lack of confidence of getting in the racecar should immediately rethink the decision to attempt to drive in the race, and walk away. They are endangering everyone on the track as well as themselves. There is no wrong or right about it, as sometimes competitors haven't had serious accidents themselves but have perhaps witnessed horrific accidents involving competitive peers, colleagues, and friends who were killed, or are now severely disabled because of such racing accidents. So, so many top racecar drivers have died in the sport while at the top of their game. Jackie Stewart was one that I recall as the earliest racer to have brains. Stewart was one of the greatest of all-time. I may be wrong but I seem to recall that as a Rookie at the INDY 500, Jackie had more than a one lap lead on the entire field with less than 55 miles to go before something inexpensive like a bearing gave out. He was also may have been the first Formula One driver to campaign for driver safety and safe tracks. He three Formula One Driver World Championships in '69, '71, & '73.
He made the decision to retire after '73 because so many of his close friends had died. The book titled FASTER from about 48 years ago is a good read. His best friend Jochen Rindt ,posthumously the 1970 Formula One champion, lost his life in a 1970 Formula One race after he had already won enough to wrap up the points.
Jackie walked away immediately after his third World Championship in 1973 as a relatively wealthy young man.
People forget that Mario Andretti's twin brother Aldo was also a very competitive racer but Aldo essentially quit driving a race car after a horrific crash that he barely survived. Motor racing is by nature a dangerous sport even though many protective and safety advances have significantly helped, it still remains very dangerous no matter where and how. Idiots like JJ Da Boss and the Memphis street outlaw fools that you see on television are just encouraging stupidity and lawlessness. It is a wonder that the cable network producing the show hasn't been sued over some injury or accident. They have been lucky. Lets hope it remains that way because it appears to me in the several times that I have seen this moronic show, that they have no emergency crews available on site. Yeah fools will do anything to be on tv, but a cable network producing & airing said show, it would seem might have some contributory negligence if someone were to be badly injured or fatally injured. What they are doing with that show is just reckless and it is probably influencing a whole world of teen-age half wits and older morons to act in a copy-cat fashion. Just beyond stupid.

What is not stupid is for someone to come to the rational decision to modify their driving or riding behavior. You cannot just blindly criticize someone for doing so without first attempting to walk in their shoes and realistically see it from their perspective. Too often, we here on bike forums think and assume if someone isn't riding the roads in the drops, crouched forward on a proper respectable lightweight road-bike at an average 17+ MPH pace, then it is not "CYCLING". Perhaps some don't think about any other way to ride because they are still relatively young (15 years old to about 38 years old) and in near perfect health with athletic skill and reflexes of a cat as well as near perfect hearing and vision. With this being the 50+ subforum, most of us have gained certain insight, knowledge and wisdom through life experiences that we did not have at 35 and certainly not at age 20.
No doubt that many if not most here in the over 50 group are in much better physical health than than even the average American that is a decade and a half younger.
Still, there are unique challenges that 60+ folks in good shape might face that perhaps even a person of 35 in poor shape might not yet face.
I certainly think that ultimately one has to decide for themselves and "do what they gotta do", and we cannot pretend that we know exactly what is best for them and their current situation. I do think that it is prudent to perhaps suggest that they move to only "SAFE, CLOSED COURSE RIDING" such as a limited traffic, low speed limit area park roads & trails rather than on city roads-streets with traffic and speeding/distracted suv pilots. I do believe that it is also smart to suggest that they adopt an upright touring cruiser or hybrid, or even a trike if that might be the safest, most sensable solution for relaxed closed course park riding. Life on the road is not where many riders should be. It is my opinion that Over 50 and Over 60 folks should not even be considering any recreational riding along any congested high traffic city streets where speeding and distracted suv drivers are the norm. Take a better safer route, or put the bikes in or on the car and then DRIVE to an area where it is better to ride the specific number of miles that you want to ride. I'm certain that if you are over 65 today that you probably remember the old Bobby Fuller 4 hit song.
Now for 50+ age group, ya might want to consider it an unwritten law that you should always take the less traffic, safest route...... if ya don't, if you're still conscious or semi conscious, you might be thinkin: I FOUGHT THE (unwritten) LAW & THE SUV WON. Be smart.

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Old 11-23-21, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Daniel4 View Post
That's too bad. If people quit driving after each crash, roads would be so much safer for everbody and cities would have so much better character.
Same with cyclists. Minus the poor grammar ofc
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Old 11-23-21, 05:55 AM
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Met a 65+yo gentleman yesterday who was in a vehicle/bicycle crash a number of years ago and all he remembers is an occasional recollection of hearing the helicopter blades as he was being flown to a hospital. He was told the driver of the car that pulled out in front of him had continued driving hundreds of feet before he realized that a guy was impaled in the rear window. Since the crash he's bicycled in locations around the World including Le Tour stages.
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Old 11-23-21, 06:09 AM
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I Crashed Jan 11,2014
16 MPH on to my Head.
Don't remember The Crash and the Next Three Days.
Sold my Five road bikes.
Fred "The Real Fred"

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Old 11-24-21, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Daniel4 View Post
That's too bad. If people quit driving after each crash, roads would be so much safer for everbody and cities would have so much better character.
Yeah, but for most people quitting driving means they would also have to change their whole lifestyle to compensate. Whereas quitting cycling as a hobby is a singular choice. I'm not going to get into a debate about whether or not people should rely on driving as a means of transport, but the fact is that most people do. So when they have a crash they tend to resume driving asap so they can get on with their previous day-to-day existence. But if they have a crash while out recreational cycling they might well decide it's not worth the risk and find a new less risky hobby instead. It's just an easier decision to make, that's all.
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Old 11-25-21, 05:42 PM
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It is a decision that should be made by your sister and no one else. It is her life and her body. Focus instead on finding her a good physical therapist as that person will be critical to her recovering full use of her ankle. Have your brother in law check the statistics for sedentary seniors for a bit more perspective.

We do take longer to recover and I had a severe knee injury that took more than 3 months to fully heal. Broken collar bones are also injuries that can take 4 months to heal. In general joint injuries are the worst and that is where protection is most important, although impractical with regard to bicycling. I do have knee guards for use with my mountain bikes and I added chain guards to both of them in a bit of paranoia as a dropped chain could force a sudden stop.

Road bikes on bike paths are the safest and city streets and busy country roads are the most dangerous. As your sister knows what she did wrong she is not likely to repeat her mistake and be injured again.
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Old 11-27-21, 08:39 PM
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Pretty much any activity, indoors or outdoors, can cause serious injury. Check out the injury stats for bathtubs and showers, cycling is quite safe in comparison to bathing. Of course riding a bicycle increases the potential risk of accidents and injury, but it decreases the potential risk of health problems caused by sedentary living. Most of the injuries incurred while cycling are not permanent, and require only temporary treatment, whereas the diseases which accompany sedentary living are long-lasting, and can require lifetime treatment.
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Old 11-28-21, 01:22 PM
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We moved to a bedroom community with 5' to 8' bike lanes everywhere on streets that get swept regularly which has to help. I know my balance and attentiveness is decreasing and will someday becoming an issue which will put me on a trike with flags flying.
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Old 11-30-21, 02:22 AM
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In 2007 I had a serious crash caused by a Non-Contact-Hit-And-Run Driver in his shiny black Porsche 911. In California a Non-Contact-Hit-And-Run is a misdemeanor.
I was riding my bike home from work at the time. I expect we all know that "Oh-****" moment when we realize a crash is coming. In an unconscious heap on the pavement, fire department and paramedic show up. My ass is dragged to Stanford Hospital ER. 4 hours, $9500 later. 14 stitches down the side of my left jaw.k The entire left side of my face looked like something you found at the butcher shop. No broken bones. Bruised two bones in m;y left wrist.''Moderate'' concussion which resulted in a headache that lasted three weeks at about a #8. When I say headache I mean it hurt so bad trying to think or concentrate on anything was a non-starter. Just getting to sleep was a huge milestone.

My wife showed up to collect me, and I was ready for her. I do not recall her exact words, on the order of no more bikes. I said okay, then we will need ro make other changes too. Sell the car and ride the bus. All the kitchen knives have got to go. I have to give her credit, she got my message loud and clear.

fat biker

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