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Facing a new Surly Ogre (or any Surly bike) for BB and Headset area...

Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket? Tacoed wheel? If you're having problems with your bicycle, or just need help fixing a flat, drop in here for the latest on bicycle mechanics & bicycle maintenance.

Facing a new Surly Ogre (or any Surly bike) for BB and Headset area...

Old 07-27-19, 06:48 PM
Bike Jedi
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Originally Posted by djb View Post
again, if you dont know what youre doing
I know what I am doing. Already changed the BB-52 I am on now.

get informed
As much as possible.

and pay a good mechanic a small amount to show you how to do it.
Just about never. There is way too many good quality youtube videos out there today that anyone slightly mechanical or have aptitude for it in general, to figure anything bike related out. That coupled with forums, not even joining, can give you more than enough skills to accomplish the task at hand. There is nothing I am not comfortable doing on a bike with youtube and access to something like this next to me to do now. I haven't built a wheelset yet, but I wouldn't be afraid to do one by hand myself. In fact, I want to do it so I have the knowledge and skill set. If I can do a wheelset, then a BB is a walk in the park. Just trying to gather information about the facing and chasing stuff because I really don't know what "protocol" is. As for installing it, I am fine there.

Like all bike mechanics stuff, it aint rocket science,
Even rocket science isn't rocket science after a while metaphorically speaking.

but it depends on what mechanical doing stuff yourself background you have, and or if youre the type of person who can do "gettng your hands dirty" stuff and have the ability to learn, some people dont, so only you know if yoiu can prep properly and learn or whatever, but really, it isnt building a Saturn V here.
I could build a rocket ship with youtube if the videos where there, money, and resources. It's only rockets science until someone shows you how rocket science works. Then it's just all the sciences combined.

I always figure that if I can bumble my way through stuff successfully, anyone can.
Ditto and ditto. Just getting them to realize and see it is the challenge.
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Old 07-27-19, 06:55 PM
Bike Jedi
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Originally Posted by wesmamyke View Post
As mentioned, see what you actually receive and go from there. In the past Surly frames were super clean out of the box. I built up a LHT recently and it was a mess though. I think the issue is actually the ED coating they apply before paint. I had to tap out every single braze on hole, that took more than a little while. The ED coating is a recent thing, maybe the last couple years.

Had to look that up. So this "ED" coating, I am assuming, is why they say technically, you do "not" need to spray the inside of the tubes with rust protector because Surly does it during manufacturing...I am assuming "this" is what they mean by that? The recommendation was to "spray them again anyway..." but theoretically, if this is what they are doing, isn't the inside sealed then too? Why waste the time spraying the inner tubes with a rust protector if:

The particles are fused to the frame and fork in a perfectly uniform thickness.
In theory, why would science fail the inside of the tubes if they do it through this method, and why spray the inside of the tubes at all if it is all bonded together and protected like this. I know people say, "do it again anyway..." but why take extra unessary steps if it doesn't need to be done? And if it does need to be done again, then why does the science fail the inside of the tubes when done like this?

So what exactly is the correct answer about doing it then?

Also I don't think they have ever reamed the headtubes on frames. My old 1x1 had never seen a cutting tool that's for sure. LHT seems about the same, although under all that ED coating it looks like it has a very obvious weld seam in the tubing.

I will say even with a total lack of reaming/facing/chasing they tend to go together smoother than most frames. Very little warping from welding heat in the headtube and BB shell.[/QUOTE]
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Old 07-27-19, 09:25 PM
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I agree that with tutorials and stuff , you can learn how to do stuff. It was nice at times after doing something Id never done before, to at least havea mechanic quickly check to see if it appeared to be done right, or adjusted right. I usually had my wheels checked over for spoke tension, and so sometimes would ask fora check of this or that at the same time.

but yeah, if youve done other bb's, the adjusting concepts pretty much transfer from headsets to bbs, to whatever.
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Old 08-05-19, 09:53 PM
Bike Jedi
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So in the event anyone needs it later for recall...I ended up "not" chasing, facing, etc... I took it to a local LBS for a second look by a guy in his 60's, tour rider, owned the shop for 30 years, he instantly looked at it and said, "if I was you, I would not." That was good enough for me if I can trust his wisdom was sincere. He had a chance to make a quick couple of bucks off me right there on the spot, in an empty shop, and that was his advice. I walked in thinking that I was OK with not doing it and he just confirmed it. I had him press the cups for the headset and bang the crown race on for $15 bucks for 3 minutes of work. I was fine with that exchange since I didn't really want to use my DIY tools and had a chance for a pro to throw it on quickly. I know how to do it so knowledge there wasn't important. I put the BB and headset in yesterday and it went in smooth without issues that I can tell. Felt good about the install and how clean it all was. Was more nervous putting on rear rack in eyelets and getting the screws to bite through the paint and not cross thread on me more than anything else on the bike so far. Outside of spraying the inner tubes with a frame saver type of stuff, I just went ahead with the install. Also figured if the BB was a little off and ended up screwing up the BB, it's only a $25 BB, and at that cost, I was OK with the gamble of not facing it. If it fails, I would face it then and throw a new one on it for the $25.
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Old 08-06-19, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by cs1 View Post
I would agree the shop would be liable. Getting them to pay would cost more than the frame. Iíve had several frames chased and faced. A skilled mechanic takes a while to do it correctly. Personally I wouldnít trust anyone who only charges $20. Itís like a surgeon saying he can take care of open heart surgery for $100. Something just doesnít seem correct.
Sometimes the more confident somebody sounds about doing a not-too-common job, the less likely they are to have actually done it before.
My greatest fear is all of my kids standing around my coffin and talking about "how sensible" dad was.
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