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What is the worst/most frustrating rim and tire combo you've dealt with?

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What is the worst/most frustrating rim and tire combo you've dealt with?

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What is the worst/most frustrating rim and tire combo you've dealt with?

I just destroyed mine.

Sun cr18 rims with Vittoria Randonneur(the cheap slow ones) 32mm tires.

These things were a beast to mount and even a shop couldnt seat them without a slight flat spot. Everything from talc powder to soap to wd40 was tried.

I am selling the bike they were on and wanted to keep the wheelset while selling the tires with the bike.

Well that didnt happen!
- 3 different tire levers couldnt get the tires off. 2 of the lever styles couldnt even get under the tire to pull the bead up!
- it took a combo of pliers, a vice wrench, regular cable cutters, and bike cable cutters to get the tires off.
Just a bunch of cutting the tire away and slowly getting to the metal wire beads to eventually cut them.

45 minutes later, i had this...
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You win.
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Some cheap 700x28 Performance "Forte" tires on Mavic CXP rims.

Gave up and put the Vittoria slicks back on.
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this does seem like one of those topics that comes up infrequently, but regularly.

I concur regarding the Sun CR-18... I keep a KoolStop tire jack in the bag of one bike equipped with these rims. Never had too much trouble getting tires off (but do keep steel tire levers in the bag too), but the tire jack has been essential for getting the tires on. Might have been mostly an issue with Conti tires.

The other rim that has been infamous, and fairly C&V in nature, has been the Torelli Master rim. 700C and narrow, and fairly impervious to human hands when mounting a tire. For these rims, I keep a little German tire jack in the saddle bag....

Steve in Peoria
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23mm Specialized Touring Turbos on Weinmann A124s (AKA "concaves"). Had to do the same as you to remove the tires

My Flickr pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30331021@N08/

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Challenge P-R 27s on about anything are tough the first time, but they seem to stretch with age.

I did sell off one wheel/tire set on a flip bike just to get rid of them - I knew I didn't want to fix them roadside.
DuraAce 7700, Shimano's first gen paired spoke offering, with some variety of Michelin ProRace tires on them. My plastic tire "irons" were useless, and instead bent into other shapes. I had to use a screwdriver to replace a tube for the last time before selling, which wasn't exactly nice to the rim.
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Cheap Chinese tire on a cheap Chinese rim found on these cheap Chinese bikes given away during Christmas Cheer.

Thank you Walmart!
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Sun CR18 rims and Vittoria tires. What a fight that was.
Early Campagnolo Protons, and ANY tire. That was the end of "boutique" rims around this house.
My bikes: '81 Trek 957, '83 Trek 720, '85 Trek 500, '85 Trek 770, '81 Merckx, '85 Centurion Cinelli, '85 Raleigh Portage, '92 RB-2, '09 Bianchi
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cr18 650a rims and almost any tire that is supposed to fit it.
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Mavic MA-2 and Vittoria Randonneurs.. 700x25c.. broke 2 steelcore levers before I was able to get them off.. some sore thumbs too
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...the older matrix rims were justifiably famous for mounting difficulties. I bought my first bead jack when I coiuldn't mount a set of Schwalbe Marathons without it. The only tyre I've ever had to cut off like that was where someone had used one of those solid core airless insert thingies instead of a tube.
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No doubt in my mind, Campagnolo Moscow rims and Vittora wire-beaded Pro tires (celeste/gumwall). The OEM tires were also Vittoria and a major PITA to get off the rim. I thought I was doing the owner of the Bianchi Trofeo (in celeste) a favor by installing some celeste tires to go with the celeste Vitesse saddle, celeste SPD pedals, and celeste wrap. I ended up cutting through both of the wire beads to get them off.

I got the first tire on using Crank Bros Speedier tire levers (two). Of course, the tube had pinched. I tore the second tire up trying to get it on.

Finally, I put some Michelin Dynamics on the stupid rims and called it a day.

I do recall a day in the New Jersey Pine Barrens with rccardr and rhm, nlerner, and others, when Doc's brand spankin' new Vittoria grabbed a staple, and we had a difficult time getting the tire off the rim, and then back on. I do not remember the rim type.
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Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
...the older matrix rims were justifiably famous for mounting difficulties. I bought my first bead jack when I coiuldn't mount a set of Schwalbe Marathons without it. The only tyre I've ever had to cut off like that was where someone had used one of those solid core airless insert thingies instead of a tube.
It did not matter which tire was used with this rim. Every mounting job was a pain.

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Ambrosio 19 Elites Durex, grey anno rims and just about any tire I've tried. I love the strength of the rims so if I use them, I put gatorskins or similar on them to reduce the odds of having to fix a flat.

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I purposely avoid bad combos when I can. There's no tire out there I could justify going through that hassle with. Can really ruin your day, lol.
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I'm with @clubman those Ambrosio 19 Elite rims... and ANY tire. I wish I could find an especially loose fitting 700c tire to go with those; not too picky. Otherwise I'm going to take 'em apart and use the early Phil hubs to build on a different rim

Every other rim I've worked with I could get tires to mount using just two plastic levers; never had use the jack I bought.
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Not C&V (yet), but Campagnolo Vento G3 and Michelin Krylion 23's. I didn't have to cut them, but I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind. First flat I got with those tires, I replaced them with Vittoria Rubino Pro slicks. Much easier to deal with.
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Originally Posted by Ex Pres View Post
Challenge P-R 27s on about anything are tough the first time, but they seem to stretch with age.
They named the company Challenge because that word describes installing their tires. I made the mistake of putting them on Campy Neutron wheels for my initiation....
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I second the matrix rims that came on an aliminium TREK. I was about to scrap em when I put on some Tufo tubular clincher CX tires that were laying around for years and they fit.
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They were Campagnolo Strada Hardox semi-aero rims. I still use them, but not with THOSE tores.
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CR-18's must just be tight. I had a set with Velox tape and Gatorskins that took some serious perseverance to get off (about 20 minutes per wheel). I didn't need levers though.
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The 7" x 1-1/4" tires on the front wheels of my father's wheelchair. I had to heat them up in the clothes dryer and clamp them in a vise to mount them, and I still had blisters on my hands for days afterward.
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I destroyed a tire a few months back trying to install a thorn proof tube. I was told to get a Kool stop tool but forgot about it. This thread reminded me but now I wonder about the Bar you show simply because it's that much smaller and might fit a jammed tool bag. My question is, is the Kool stop that much better or would the Bar be ok???
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The only tire and rim combination I've had that requires tire levers is getting the Suomi Mount and Grounds off the rims when spring comes around. Everything else I can do with my hands (eventually.)

I must lead a charmed life.
Originally Posted by chandltp View Post
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Originally Posted by noglider
People in this forum are not typical.
RUSA #7498
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No issue mounting Continental Supersport 32mm on CR-18 rims, my nemisis was 25mm Gatorskins on Mavic A40s. Finally gave up, LBS succeeded on the 3rd try, and said don’t bring them back. Tim
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