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For the month of May:Five Foot Two, Bikes of Blue

Classic & Vintage This forum is to discuss the many aspects of classic and vintage bicycles, including musclebikes, lightweights, middleweights, hi-wheelers, bone-shakers, safety bikes and much more.

For the month of May:Five Foot Two, Bikes of Blue

Old 05-02-19, 02:57 PM
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Bikes: '86 Nishiki Tri-A, '84 Centurion PT15, '03 Litespeed Firenze

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When I bought it on Jan 2018, with 105 5800 silver last year and with gray Ultegra 6700 this year.

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Bikes: 2002 Mercian Vincitore, 1982 Mercian Colorado, 1976 Puch Royal X, 1973 Raleigh Competition, 1971 Gitane Tour de France and others

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Gone but not forgotten - Joe Starck-built Rivendell Road Custom from 2000

1982 Mercian Colorado, originally a team-issued bike for the Mercian/The Spoke/Harvest team.

Straightened Raymond, the early 70s Mercier 100 (I think!) underneath all that rattle-can goodness - which includes the front fork tips, sprayed to match the real chrome at the rear!

Another one that is long gone - I snagged this Bridgestone 400 for $40, then went to town making it nice.
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1962 HUFFY SPORTSMAN (made by Raleigh of Nottingham,England) by 2cam16, on Flickr

1997 TREK 7000 by 2cam16, on Flickr

IMG_7020 by 2cam16, on Flickr
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Bikes: 1964 Legnano Roma Olympiade, 1973 Raleigh Super Course, 1978 Raleigh Super Course, 1978 Peugeot PR10, 2002 Specialized Allez, 2007 Specialized Roubaix, 2013 Culprit Croz Blade

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Lots of blue here, my favorite color.

Legnanos, little and big.

My '64 Legnano Roma Olympiade, had since new.

Recently acquired Legnano Gran Premio, not sure of year, thinking '50something. Its a little small, but what a fun bike, and the price was right. Its also my $100 Clunker Challenger.

2002 Allez, not exactly vintage, but it is blue and the rider is vintage.

Not mine, but two rentals I saw this morning on an Ojai Ride.
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Bikes: '82 Univega Competizione, '72 Motobecane Grand Record, '83 Mercian KOM Touring, '85 Univega Alpina Uno, '76 Eisentraut Limited

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My blue period

Univega Competizione (currently being converted to brifters)

Campania Professional (being built up as an upright commuter)

And an upcoming Mercian KOM Touring build (seller's pic, not mine)
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My Le Croco.

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Bikes: Alps, JP Routens, ANT, various Schwinns

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'73 Schwinn Sports Tourer. "Opaque Blue"
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Bikes: A few

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My 59 Bergmeister not ready for the reveil is blue

But my 96 Trek 930SHX is
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1979 Motobecane Grand Sprint
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Bikes: American, Italian, and Japanese.. in no particular order.

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My 1983 Schwinn Super Sport SP
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Shifting is fun!
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Bikes: Yes, please.

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Bikes of blue? I have a few ...

Harry Hartman:

Late sixties Gazelle "Race", made before they were renamed to "Champion Mondial. In Bontekoe livery:

Another example from the Bontekoe shop. A Stronglight Altec:

Unidentified as yet, last year's Clunker Challenge contender:

Roy Thame touring bike:

A rather worse for wear Springfield:

A much nicer Springfield:

Union Sapporo on vacation duty:

Union "Rini Wagtmans":

Locomotief Tour de France, covered in Tuscan mud:

Nananananananananana ...
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Not lost wanderer.
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Bikes: In USA; 73 Raleigh Super Course dingle speed, 72 Raleigh Gran Sport SS, 72 Geoffry Butler, 81 Centurion Pro-Tour, 74 Gugie Grandier Sportier

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My Zunow #298

IMG_20190215_152235378 by Bwilli88, on Flickr
Cambodia bikes, Bridgestone SRAM 2 speed, 2012 Fuji Stratos...
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Bikes: Yes

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Originally Posted by due ruote
No Gios yet? Someone must have one!
Did I miss one, or has this really gone a full year with no satisfaction? Anyway, here you go.

And since I'm here...

My 1982 Sequoia

My daughter's 1993 RockHopper

And the now departed bikes...

2001 LeMond Nevada City

1977 Gitane Gypsy Sport (my first vintage bike!)

1989 RockHopper

Not vintage, but still blue (and also departed)...

1999 Kona Muni Mula

2006 Kona Kula

2008 Long Haul Trucker

2008 Cross Check

(I was honestly surprised to realize just how many blue bikes I had on my Flikr page.)
My Bikes
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Bikes: A green one, "Ragleigh," or something.

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Same here. I think I have more blue bikes that any other color; who knew?

Merckx Corsa Extra

Peugeot Vagabond

Shogun Prairie Breaker

Currently for sale, cheap if anyone is interested; 1985 Trek 600

Currently on the stand, A teeny-tiny Terry-geometry Bridgestone 550 for my wife, who is exactly five foot two, as it happens.

And an '87 C-dale SR500 with factory custom graphics, flipped last year

Another flipped Cannondale, ST500 (1986, I think)

And ANOTHER flipped Cannondale! 1992 H800 (the blue ones are always too small, for some reason)
● 1971 Grandis SL ● 1972 Lambert Grand Prix frankenbike ● 1972 Raleigh Super Course fixie ● 1973 Nishiki Semi-Pro ● 1979 Motobecane Grand Jubile ●1980 Apollo "Legnano" ● 1984 Peugeot Vagabond ● 1985 Shogun Prairie Breaker ● 1986 Merckx Super Corsa ● 1987 Schwinn Tempo ● 1988 Schwinn Voyageur ● 1989 Bottechia Team ADR replica ● 1990 Cannondale ST600 ● 1993 Technium RT600 ● 1996 Kona Lava Dome ●

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Old fart
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Bikes: Several, mostly not name brands.

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Kind of blue:

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aka Tom Reingold
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Bikes: 1962 Rudge Sports, 1971 Raleigh Super Course, 1971 Raleigh Pro Track, 1974 Raleigh International, 1975 Viscount Fixie, 1982 McLean, 1996 Lemond (Ti), 2002 Burley Zydeco tandem

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The Gios is one of my favorite blue bikes. Many Italian bikes are too gaudy for my taste.

My McLean was originally blue, and then I had it painted purple. Too bad I don't have pictures of it.

I had a 1979 Peugeot PXN-10LE, stolen only months after I bought it new. It was a pearlescent blue.
Tom Reingold, tom@noglider.com
New York City and High Falls, NY
Blogs: The Experienced Cyclist; noglider's ride blog

“When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments.” — Elizabeth West, US author

Please email me rather than PM'ing me. Thanks.
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Bikes: '87 De Rosa Professional, Late '70s/Early '80s De Rosa Professional, '82 Rossin Record, '81 Bianchi Campione Del Mondo 12V, '87 3Rensho SR, '87 Marinoni, '75 Witcomb USA Touring, '91 Cannondale ST1000, '84 Shogun 600

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A couple of my blues...'87 De Rosa Professional & '82 Rossin Record:
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Bikes: Yes

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Gios blue really is a magical color. I didn't know what the big deal was with Gios until I saw one in person at Eroica in 2019. It immediately went on to my wish list. Pictures don't really capture the color well, especially the one above. This one is a bit better (at least on my monitor).

My Bikes
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Bikes: Kirk Custom JK Special, '84 Team Miyata,(dura ace old school) 80?? SR Semi-Pro 600 Arabesque

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84 Team Miyata

amazing ride super smooth, very responsive..... my LBS mechanic was amazed when I told him the tubies were at 130 and they are not high end

Life is too short not to ride the best bike you have, as much as you can
(looking for Torpado Super light frame/fork or for Raleigh International frame fork 58cm)

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PeopleCode delaminator
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Bikes: 1986 Trek 310 Elance, 1997 Schwinn HydraGlide, 1987 Trek Antelope 800, 2003 Haro F4, 198? Allsop Offroad Climber

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You folks with the DeRosa \ Gios \ Rossin bikes are far too classy.

Let me lower the grade of bikes in this thread with this Rustoleum Hawaiian Blue Huffy:

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'72 Paramount. I'm not crazy about the red housing, will probably go with black. It has Campy bar ends. I'm probably going to go back to down tube shifters.

'86 (I think) 610. The only thing I've done to it was put on a Brooks saddle. It still has the original foam bar wrap that I intend to change eventually.
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I got this 1985 Fuji Allegro cheap at a yard sale today, I knew it was too tall for me but got it anyway thinking I would ride it for a while then sell it. This was my first time on a 25 inch frame, I have already listed it on Craigslist.
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Rustbelt Rider
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Only one blue bike for me, my Fuji the finest:

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Bikes: 1974 Paramount ~ 1974 Raleigh Pro ~ 1977 Pro-Tour ~ 1978 TX900 ~ IronMan 85,87:E/M,88:M/Pro,89:E ~ 98 Peugeot Festina Replica

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1994 Trek 1400 in "Ice Blue"

1998 Peugeot Team Festina Replica Richard Verinque:
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Bikes: '93 Cannondale R500; '88 Centurion Ironman Expert, '97 Cannondale R900, '95 Serotta CSI, '83 Trek 700, '97 Lemond Zurich, '89 Bianchi Giro, '87 Schwinn Prologue, '83 Fuji TSIV + one perturbed wife

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1993 C'dale R500 - Bought new

1983 Trek 700 - Bought yesterday
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