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Most-annoying vehicles for bikers

Fifty Plus (50+) Share the victories, challenges, successes and special concerns of bicyclists 50 and older. Especially useful for those entering or reentering bicycling.

Most-annoying vehicles for bikers

Old 06-10-20, 05:21 PM
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Most-annoying vehicles for bikers

1/ Pickup trucks with huge side-view mirrors (that could clip you)
2/ BMWs (aggresive fast drivers that blast past you)
3/ Mercedes (ditto)
4/ Landscaping trucks pulling trailers loaded with equipment (you think you're safe when the truck passes, but don't forget that trailer)
5/ Parked running vehicles on right shoulder (getting doored... )
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Old 06-10-20, 05:29 PM
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Police cars pulling you over..
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Old 06-10-20, 05:41 PM
Hits [ENTER] b4 thinking
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Other bikes that their rider doesn't let me know they are coming up behind and passing. That's annoying both when I'm cycling and walking.

If it has to be a motor vehicle, then the ones that stop for me at crossings. They have the right of way until I actually am in the crossing. I'd rather they just go on. Especially when they are the only vehicle near by on a four lane road. Some drivers actually get mad at me for refusing their generosity. Some are so insistent about waiting for me cross that I have to point out to them that I have a stop sign and they only have a yield sign.

The only time I'll cross for a stopped vehicle is if it is a one lane road and the traffic in front of them is stopped.
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Old 06-10-20, 05:46 PM
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Buses in NYC freak me out.
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Old 06-10-20, 05:50 PM
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Anyone pulling a 5th wheel or boat. You think they’re past you, then suddenly a whole lot more is happening...
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Old 06-10-20, 05:57 PM
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All listed, plus gasholes blowing through crosswalks (probably texting about bikes blowing through stop signs (as if they were cars?))
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Old 06-10-20, 06:02 PM
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Scooters, the rental ones. They're not allowed where I live, but when you enter a town that has them they are a nuisance. They're left everywhere - on sidewalks, in gutters, in parking spaces, in bike lanes.
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Old 06-10-20, 06:34 PM
big john
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Careless, sadistic, or just bad drivers are more of a concern than any specific type of vehicle. I do find that professional drivers are generally safer to be around than average yayhoos. Was riding with some friends in the mountains after storms had brought down dirt and debris and dozens of dump trucks were working all day and these drivers were so cool and careful and even waved us around them on descents when they had to go slow. Of course we were buzzed by an idiot in a small car the same day.
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Old 06-10-20, 06:49 PM
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  1. Lifted Pickups
  2. Older American sedan with a stereo system worth 10x the car
  3. Soccer mom in large SUV with a Starbucks cup
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Old 06-10-20, 06:49 PM
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Vehicles operated by drivers under the influence. One influence or another. Be it the, get on the sidewalk influence or, you name it.
Ron - Tucson, AZ
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Old 06-10-20, 07:48 PM
Paul Barnard
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My A-hole of the day award almost always goes to a full size GMC/Chevy pickup or SUV driver.
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Old 06-10-20, 07:49 PM
jon c. 
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logging trucks
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Old 06-10-20, 08:01 PM
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Any car/truck that passes to close or does follow the Rules of the road. My wife and I had a car pass within a foot of us (We were not side by side) and the car had 2 bikes on their rack. Last person you would thing would drive like that.
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Old 06-10-20, 09:10 PM
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Any vehicle driven by a self absorbed jerk. First, it was Hummers. And then, other end of the spectrum, Priuses. Priuses were much deadlier as the engines were silent and the tires were virtually treadless to increase efficiency. I'm guessing Teslas are the worst today. BMW's always up there too. I used to ride a road that lots of self absorbed pharmaceutical exec's drove their BMW's without knowing how to drive, or stay in their lane. Trucks with flat bed trailers always dangerous. Anyone on their device.
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Old 06-11-20, 12:11 AM
Me duelen las nalgas
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DeLoreans hitting 1.21 gigawatts.
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Old 06-11-20, 12:20 AM
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Lowboy carrying a 15' wide Dozer.
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Old 06-11-20, 01:56 AM
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Around here it's tractors. Think they own the road.
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Old 06-11-20, 06:38 AM
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Big SUVs with tinted windows that don't intend to share the road, small older import sedans with big rear spoilers and loud mufflers, work vans with dashboards piled up with trash, domestic large sedans with huge chrome wheels and sub-woofers polluting nature and imposing their beat preferences within half mile radius.
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Old 06-11-20, 06:57 AM
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Garbage trucks - they don't see you when turning right. Friend of mine was hit by one, was not run over, but was tossed like a rag doll and crushed her pelvis. She died in the hospital two days later. She's always on my mind when I go riding.
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Old 06-11-20, 07:14 AM
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It's not the vehicle, its the driver.
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Old 06-11-20, 07:39 AM
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It's these damned blackhawk choppers that keep tailing me... so loud when they're close... five times last month. I mean, wtf?
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Old 06-11-20, 08:18 AM
David Bierbaum
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I don't think it's cars, per se, but the drivers behind them. As a class, I'm not fond of 18 wheelers just because of the push and pull wind effects they generate as they pass me by. As another class, any siren blaring vehicle passing by, driving an icepick of pure sonic fury into whichever poor earhole is facing them, is a high annoyance factor.

For all the rest, it's the drivers rather than the vehicles they drive, that drive me bats, like the youngsters in the diesel pickup trucks that love to gun their engines just to blast the dense cloud of emissions right into my face, or the young idiots who love making their modded cars or motorcycles rev as loud as they can while next to me at a stop light.
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Old 06-11-20, 09:39 AM
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Just about any vehicle driven by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. In Yellowstone it was the sedan drivers who rented an RV for vacation -- only 3X as long, and 50% wider, that what they knew how to drive. Around home, it's the people who learned to drive a Chevette 30 years ago; since they know how to drive, no need to re-learn driving a full size pickup or monster SUV.
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Old 06-11-20, 10:46 AM
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Cars don't kill cyclists. People kill cyclists.
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Old 06-11-20, 10:55 AM
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Cagers and their cages are inseperable. Reductionist reasoning is just a red herring.
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